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121 Memoirs of the life of the late Reverend Increase Mather, D.D. who died August 23, 1723. With a preface by the Reverend Edmund Calamy, D.D Cotton Mather 1725 Engelska
122 Dr. Cotton Mather's student and preacher - Intituled, Manuductio ad ministerium; or, directions for a candidate of the ministry. Wherein I. A right foundation is laid for his future improvement. II. Rules are offered for such a management of his academical and preparatory studies: ... III. A conduct after his appearance in the world, ... Republished by John Ryland Cotton Mather 1781 Engelska
123 The Christian philosopher: a collection of the best discoveries in nature, with religious improvements. By Cotton Mather Cotton Mather 1721 1720 Engelska
124 Reasonable religion - or, the truths of the Christian religion demonstrated. With incontestable proofs, ... Together with the Religion of the closet, and family religion urged. By Cotton Mather, D.D. To which is prefix'd, a preface, by the Reverend Dr. Williams Cotton Mather 1713 Engelska
125 Magnalia Christi Americana: or, the ecclesiastical history of New-England - from its first planting in the year 1620. unto the year of our Lord, 1698. In seven books. ... By ... Cotton Mather Cotton Mather 1702 Engelska
126 A call to the tempted - A sermon on the horrid crime of self-murder, preached on a remarkable occasion, by the memorable Dr. Increase Mather. And now published from his notes, for a charitable stop to suicides. Five lines of quotation in Latin Increase Mather March 12th. 1723,4 Engelska
127 A father departing - A sermon on the departure of the venerable and memorable Dr. Increase Mather, who expired Aug. 23. 1723. In the eighty fifth year of his age. By one who, as a son with a father, served with him in the Gospel. Four lines of quotations Cotton Mather 1723 Engelska
128 The minister - A sermon, offer'd unto the anniversary Convention of Ministers, from several parts of New-England, met at Boston, 31 d. II m. 1722. By one of their number. And published at the request of them that heard it. Two lines of quotation in Latin Cotton Mather Printed in the year 1722 Engelska
129 Another tongue brought in, to confess the great Saviour of the world. Or, Some communications of Christianity, put into a tongue used among the Iroquois Indians, in America - And, put into the hands of the English and the Dutch traders: to accommodate the great intention of communicating the Christian religion, unto the salvages, among whom they may find any thing of this language to be intelligible. Three lines from Ezekiel Cotton Mather 1707 Engelska
130 Light in darkness - An essay on the piety which by remembring the many days of darkness, will change them into a marvellous light. With a notable example of it, in a young person Mrs. Rebeckah Burnel, in the seventeenth year of her age: meeting her death, with uncommon triumphs over it. One line from Job Cotton Mather 1724 Engelska
131 Pastoral desires - A short catalogue of excellent things, which a true pastor, will desire to see approved, and practised, and abounding, among his people. A book, design'd to be lodg'd and left in their hands, by one desirous to be such an one, in his pastoral visits, to the houses of all his people. Eight lines from II Peter Cotton Mather 1712 Engelska
132 A vision in the temple - The Lord of Hosts, adored; and the King of Glory proclaimed; on a day of prayer kept (May 10. 1721) at the opening of the New Brick Meeting House in the north part of Boston, by the ministers of the city, with the Society which built it, & this day swarmed into it. By Cotton Mather, D.D. and F.R.S. Two lines from Isaiah Cotton Mather 1721 Engelska
133 Religious societies - Proposals for the revival of dying religion, by well ordered societies for that purpose. With a brief discourse, offered unto a religious society, on the first day of their meeting. One line from I Thessalonians Cotton Mather 1724 Engelska
134 The tribe of Asher - A brief essay on the conspicuous blessings with which the people of God, and their off-spring, are known to be the blessed of the Lord. A sermon preached on the baptism of a grand-child. Four lines of quotation in Latin Cotton Mather in the year, 1717 Engelska
135 Coelestinus - A conversation in heaven, quickened and assisted, with discoveries of things in the heavenly world. And some relations of the views and joys that have been granted unto several persons in the confines of it. Introduced by Agathangelus, or, An essay on the ministry of the holy angels. And recommended unto the people of God, by the very Reverend, Dr. Increase Mather; waiting in the daily expectation of his departure to that glorious world Cotton Mather 1723 Engelska
136 Coheleth - A soul upon recollection; coming into incontestible sentiments of religion; such as all the sons of wisdom, will and must forever justify. Written by a fellow of the Royal Society. Offering the advice of a father going out of the world, unto a son coming into it Cotton Mather 1720 Engelska
137 Columbanus. Or, The doves flying to the windows of their Saviour - A sermon to a religious society of young people. June 4th. 1722. Five lines in Latin Cotton Mather 1722 Engelska
138 Decus ac Tutamen - A brief essay on the blessings enjoy'd by a people that have men of a right character shining among them. Offered in commemoration of that good and great man the Honourable Gurdon Saltonstall Esq; late governour of Connecticut-colony New-England. Who expired, at New-London; Sept 20th. 1724. In the fifty-ninth year of his age. By Cotton Mather, D.D. & F.R.S. Three lines of quotations Cotton Mather 1724 Engelska
139 Desiderius. Or, A desirable man describ'd; in the characters of one worthy to be, a man greatly beloved - And an example of one, who lived very much desired, and has dyed as much lamented; given in some commemoration of the very valuable and memorable Mr. James Keith, late Minister of the Gospel in Bridgwater; who expired, on 23.d. V.m. 1719. In the seventy sixth year of his age. By Cotton Mather, D.D. & F.R.S. One line from Hebrews Cotton Mather 1719 Engelska
140 An epistle to the Christian Indians - giving them a short account, of what the English desire them to know and to do in order to their happiness. Written by an English minister, at the desire of an English magistrate, who sends unto them this token of love Cotton Mather 1706 Engelska

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