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121 To the right noble, right excellent and vertuous prince George duc of Clarence Erle of warwyk and of salisburye, grete chamberlayn of Englond and leutenant of Irelond oldest broder of kynge Edward by the grace of god kynge of England and of fraunce, your most humble seruant william Caxton amonge other of your seruantes sendes vnto you peas. helthe. ioye and victorye vpon your enemyes .. Jacobus, de Cessolis 1474 Engelska
122 Beginning WebGL for HTML5 Brian. Danchilla 2012 Engelska
123 Introduction to Social Media Marketing - A Guide for Absolute Beginners Todd. Kelsey 2017 Engelska
124 Letter writing in late modern Europe cop. 2012 Engelska
125 What you don't know about schools 2006 Engelska
126 As you were. - or A reducing (if possibly any) seduc't ones, to facing about, turning head, front against God) by the recrimination (so intended) upon Mr. J.G. (Pastor of the church in Colmanstreet) in point of fighting against God. By an unworthy auditor of the said (Iuditious-pious-divine) master Iohn Goodvvin Ezekias Woodward Printed in the yeere. 1644 Engelska
127 Companion to European Heritage Revivals Linde. Egberts 2014 Engelska
128 Translation, Brains and the Computer - A Neurolinguistic Solution to Ambiguity and Complexity in Machine Translation Bernard. Scott 2018 Engelska
129 Volunteers of America Dennis L. Carlson 2012 Engelska
130 Pro Git Scott. Chacon 2014 Engelska
131-132 Looke about you - nam stultissimum credo, ad imitandum non optima quæquæ proponere. plin. sec. ad vocon : learne from a deuill (flera utgåvor) Adam Contzen M.DC.XXX 1630 Engelska
133 Swing for Jython - Jython UI and Scripts Development using Java Swing and WebSphere Application Server Robert A. Gibson 2015 Engelska
134 Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe 2016 Engelska
135 Excel 2019 for Health Services Management Statistics - A Guide to Solving Practical Problems Thomas J. Quirk 2020 Engelska
136 Classic Telescopes - A Guide to Collecting, Restoring, and Using Telescopes of Yesteryear Neil. English 2013 Engelska
137 Introduction to Search Engine Optimization - A Guide for Absolute Beginners Todd. Kelsey 2017 Engelska
138 Poised for Excellence - Fundamental Principles of Effective Leadership in the Boardroom and Beyond Karima. Mariama-Arthur 2018 Engelska
139 Broken Markets - A User’s Guide to the Post-Finance Economy Kevin. Mellyn 2012 Engelska
140 Neue. 1616. A prognostication seruing for this yeare of our Lord God, and sauiour Iesus Christ, 1616 - Wherein you may beholde and ob=obserue sic, the grounds of the alteration and condition of the foure quarters of this yeare, and also the estate and disposition of the ayre, for each seuerall moneth, according vnto the inclination of the celestiall bodies, with the change of the moone, and the time of the eclipses, and other necessarie obseruations, conuenient in such a work to be noted. Collected and published by Ieffery Neue Jeffery Neve 1616 Engelska

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