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141 Human-Computer Interaction. Applications and Services - 16th International Conference, HCI International 2014, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, June 22-27, 2014, Proceedings, Part III Masaaki. Kurosu 2014 Engelska
142 Network and System Security - 7th International Conference, NSS 2013, Madrid, Spain, June 3-4, 2013. Proceedings Javier. Lopez 2013 Engelska
143 Advances in Information and Computer Security - 9th International Workshop on Security, IWSEC 2014, Hirosaki, Japan, August 27-29, 2014. Proceedings Maki. Yoshida 2014 Engelska
144 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2013 - 38th International Symposium, MFCS 2013, Klosterneuburg, Austria, August 26-30, 2013. Proceedings Krishnendu. Chatterjee 2013 Engelska
145 Human-Computer Interaction. Advanced Interaction Modalities and Techniques - 16th International Conference, HCI International 2014, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, June 22-27, 2014, Proceedings, Part II Masaaki. Kurosu 2014 Engelska
146 Acquisition reversal - the effects of postlingual deafness in Yoruba 2012 Engelska
147 Email and Commercial Correspondence - A Guide to Professional English Adrian. Wallwork 2014 Engelska
148 Animals and Science Education - Ethics, Curriculum and Pedagogy 2017 Engelska
149 Map Projections - Cartographic Information Systems Erik W. Grafarend 2014 Engelska
150 S-BPM in the Wild - Practical Value Creation 2015 Engelska
151 For the right vvorshipful the knights and gentlemen committees for the county of Suffolke. - Gentlemen: that this county may recieve satisfaction, that the moneys raysed upon them, hath been imployed for their own defence, and use of the publick, not to any private interest (as rumored) hath occasioned the publishing of these accompts, whereby your integrity and fidelity will be manifested: I am bold to affirm, that I can find but 865 19 0 payd to you for your attendance six yeares as committees) upon the service of the county, but payed out of the sequestred estates of delinquents Peter Fisher 1648 Engelska
152 User Experience Innovation - User Centered Design That Works Christian. Kraft 2012 Engelska
153 The Cavaliers comfort; or, Long lookt for will come at last. - Here's good news, from sea now sent to the shore, and good news on land, so what would you have more. : To the tune of The king injoys his own again between 1646-1665 Engelska
154 Phytosociology of the Beech (Fagus) Forests in East Asia Tukasa. Hukusima 2013 Engelska
155 The English fortune-teller. - Being a brief direction how to shun all strife, a brief instruction how to chuse a wife; whereby a man may lead a happy life: it shews difference in womens qualities, by colour of their hair, both face and eyes, the tune is, Ragged and torn. &c 167-? Engelska
156 GIMP for Absolute Beginners Jan. Smith 2012 Engelska
157 The Age Factor and Early Language Learning 2009 Tyska
158 Excel 2016 for Business Statistics - A Guide to Solving Practical Problems Thomas J. Quirk 2016 Engelska
159 Framing Muslims - Stereotyping and Representation after 9/11 Amina Yaqin 2011 Engelska
160 Legal Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility - Lessons from the United States and Korea Jeehye. You 2015 Engelska

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