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Titel Författare År Språk
1 Documente medievale moldovenești din Arhiva de Război a Suediei 2001 Rumänska
2 Continuatie van verhael, zynde de proceduren vanden lesten ende finalen dagh van het Hooge Hof van Iustitie - vergadert inde sale van VVest-minster, saterdagh den 27 ianua, aengaende het proces vanden Koning Charles, I, King of England 1649 Nederländska
3-4 Admirable and notable things of note. - viz. 1. the royall letter sent from the French King to his brother the King of England. 2. A true coppy of the Lord George Digbies last letter to the Queenes Majesty. 3. The Queenes Majesties gracious answer to the same. 4. A horrible treason discovered from Holland, which was plotted by a company of Iesuites and papists, against the Lady Elizabeth at the Hague, the seventh of March last. 1641 (flera utgåvor) 1642 Engelska
5 Applications of the sciences in marketing management - papers presented at a symposium held at the Herman C. Krannert Graduate school of industrial administration, Purdue university, (Lafayette, 1966). 1968 Engelska
6 Articles conteining the request presented to the French Kyng by the deputies of the reformed churches of the countrey of Languedoc and other places adioyning, assembled by His Maiesties commaundement - also an other request to him presented by the persons of the third estate of the countrey of Prouence, vvith His Maiesties answere to the sayd requests : also an aunswere of the Lord Lodouic Counte of Nassau to the aduertisements giuen him from the Kyng 1574 Engelska
7 Attitude research reaches new hights 1970. Annual attitude research conference American marketing association. Mexico City 1970 Engelska
8-9 The best newes from York, that ever came to London and VVestminster. - Containing, His Majesties most gracious resolution to returne to his Parliament; with his determination to be resident at at sic his pallace at Whitehall, where he may the better comply with his two Houses of Peeres and Commons. To the joy of all the Kings true hearted and loyally disposed subjects. With the contents of a letter lately sent from the Queenes Majestie to the King, concerning her desire, that His Majestie and the Parliament may concurre together (flera utgåvor) 1642 Engelska
10 A handbook on Old High German literature J. Knight Bostock 1976 Engelska
11 Two letters of note. - The one from the Lord Digby to the Queene: the other of a late overthrovv which the English gave the rebells in Ireland George Digby Bristol, Earl of Printed in the yeare, 1642 Engelska
12-13 The British merchant - a collection of papers relating to the trade and commerce of Great Britain and Ireland (flera utgåvor) 1748 Engelska
14 Historie van den algemenen en byzonderen koophandel van Groot Brittannien, door alle gewesten van de waerelt - behelzende eene uitvoerige verhandeling van de goederen en koopmanschappen die van daar verzonden, en uit andere gewesten wederom ontfangen worden : waar by gevoegt zyn zeer veele merkwaerdige echte stukken en bewyzen ieder koopmanschap in het byzonder rakende 1728 Nederländska
15 Le négotiant anglois, ou, Traduction libre du livre intitulé, the British merchant - contenant divers mémoires sur le commerce de l'Angleterre avec la France, le Portugal & l'Espagne 1753 Franska
16 The British merchant, or, Commerce preserv'd 1721 Engelska
17-18 The King of France his message to the Queene of England. - presented to Her Majesty by Colonell Goring, at the Hague in Holland, in answer to her letter sent to the French King at Paris by the foresaid Colonell Goring. Wherein is declared what forces are raising in Flanders, Artoys, Normandy and S. Mallo, for the assistance of the malignant party against the Parliament in England: the copie whereof was sent from M. Burlacey at he Hague in Holland, to a merchant in London, Novemb. 29. 1642. Also the Parliaments instructions to Sir Edward Rodes and Captain Hotham, with power to pardon such as shall submit within ten dayes (flera utgåvor) Miles. Burlacey 1642 Engelska
19 Cartas sobre los obstaculos que la naturaleza, la opinion y las leyes oponen a la felicidad publica Francisco Cabarrús, conde de 1813 Spanska
20 Carcinogenic and mutagenic responses to aromatic amines and nitroarenes - proceedings of the Third International Conference on Carcinogenic and Mutagenic N-Substituted Aryl Compounds, held April 25-28, 1987, in Dearborn, Michigan Mich. : 1987) International Conference on Carcinogenic and Mutagenic N-Substituted Aryl Compounds Dearborn cop. 1988 Engelska

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