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1 The letter which was sent to the author of the doctrine of passive obedience and jure divino disproved, &c. answered and refuted - wherein is proved, that monarchy was not originally from God. That kings are not by divine appointment, but that all government proceeds from the people. That the obedience required in Scripture, is to the laws of the land, and no otherwise. That resisting of arbitary power is lawful. That the oath of allegiance to to the late King James was dissolved before the Prince of Orange (our present King) landed. That upon the non-performance of an oath on one side, the other becomes void, is plainly prov'd from several examples in scripture. That protection is the only cause of allegiance, and that obedience or allegiance is due to the present government is proved from Scripture, law and reason; and those texts of scriptures which relate to government, or monarchy, are explained True son of the Church of England. 1689 Engelska
2 The judgment of the Reformed in France, extracted out of the Acts of their Publick Synods, as also that of Mr. Calvin and other Genevans, concerning the invalidity of lay-baptism. In a letter to the author of Lay-baptism invalid. By a priest of the Church of England, and Rector of a church in the City of London And Rector of a church in the City of London. Priest of the Church of England 1712 Engelska
3-4 The case of tyth-free estates examin'd - according to principles of conscience: ... with relation to Her Majesty's royal bounty to the poor clergy of the Church of England. By a minister of the Church of England, and of the Diocess sic of Exon (flera utgåvor) And of the Diocess of Exon. Minister of the Church of England 1714 Engelska
5-6 A letter to the authors of the answers to The case of allegiance due to sovereign princes, stated and resolved, by Dr. William Sherlock (flera utgåvor) Gentleman of the communion of the Church of England. 1691 Engelska
7 An exposition of the XXXIV article of religion, of the traditions of the church: refer'd to in a report of the committee of the Lower House of Convocation, appointed to draw up a representation concerning several dangerous positions and doctrines contained in the Bishop of Bangor's Preservative, and his sermon preach'd March 31. 1717. By a clergyman of the Church of England Church of England 1718 Engelska
8 A letter to the Reverend Dr. Snape, occasion'd by the dangerous consequences drawn from the wrong application of the word separation, particularly as it is urg'd by Mr. Pillonniere, in his syllogistic performance against Dr. Snape; ... By a convert from the Church of Rome to the Church of England J. S., Convert from the Church of Rome to the Church of England 1718 Engelska
9-12 The companion, or spiritual guide at the altar - containing prayers, ejaculations, meditations, and the Order for the administration of the Lord's Supper : ... By a clergyman of the Church of England (flera utgåvor) Church of England 1784 Engelska
13 (By the King's authority.) The companion or Spiritual guide at the altar - Containing prayers, ejaculations, meditations, and the order for the administration of the Lord's Supper; according to the usage of the Church of England. Directions and devotions at the Lords table and at home. After receiving the sacrament. And an introductory discourse explaining the nature and end of this sacrament; and the obligations we are under to receive the Lord's Supper. By a clergyman of the Church of England Church of England 1775? Engelska
14 A word of comfort to every sober-minded Christian professor, with a pathetic exhortation to careless sinners. - Being a farewell sermon. Containing a short, but full and scriptural account of the whole Christian's faith and practice. Published at the requestt of those, for whose instruction it was compiled. By a Minister of the Church of England Minister of the Church of England. 1773 Engelska
15 A defence and vindication of the right of tithes, - against sundry late scandalous pamphlets: shewing, the lawfullnesse of them, and the just remedy in law for them, as well in London as elsewhere And a Lover of Truth and Peace. A Friend to the Church of England 1646 Engelska
16 The mistake of the times, Faithfull Sonne of the Late Flourishing Church of England. 1647 Engelska
17 Parish churches turn'd into conventicles by serving God therein, and worshiping him otherwise then according to the established liturgy and practice of the Church of England - in particular, by reading the communion service or any part thereof in the desk, or plain reasons and undeniable authorities alledged for the reading of the second service, or the communion service when there is no communion at the altar or holy table Richard Hart, Friend to all the conformable clergy and laity of the true and apostolical Church of England 1683 Engelska
18 A word to a wavering Levite, or, An answer to Dr. Sherlock's reasons concerning the taking of the oaths - with reflections thereupon London apprentice of the Church of England. 1690 Engelska
19 The second Spira - being a fearful example of an atheist who had apostatized from the Christian religion, and dyed in despair at Westminster, Decemb. 8. 1692 : with an account of his sickness, conviction, discourses with friends and ministers, and of his dreadful expressions and blasphemies when he left the world : as also a letter from an atheist to his acquaintance, with his answer to it Richard Sault 1693 Engelska
20 A friendly debate between Dr. Kingsman, a dissatisfied clergy-man, and Gratianus Trimmer, a neighbour minister - concerning the late thanksgiving-day, the Prince's desent sic into England, the nobility and gentries joining with him, the acts of the honourable convention, the nature of our English government, the secret league with France, the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, &c. : with some considerations on Bishop Sanderson and Dr. Falkner about monarchy, oaths, &c Kingsman, Dr 1689 Engelska

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