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1 Decennium luctuosum - An history of remarkable occurrences, in the long war, which New-England hath had with the Indian salvages, from the year, 1688. To the year 1698. Faithfully composed and improved. One line of quotation in Latin Cotton Mather 1699 Engelska
2 The wonderful works of God commemorated - praises bespoke for the God of heaven in a thanksgiving sermon delivered on Decemb. 19, 1689 : containing reflections upon the excellent things done by the great God ... : to which is added A sermon preached unto a convention of the Massachuset-colony in New-England Cotton Mather 1690 Engelska
3 The day which the Lord hath made - A discourse concerning the institution and observation of the Lords-Day. Delivered in a lecture, at Boston, 4d. 1m. 1703. Four lines of Scripture text Cotton Mather 1707 Engelska
4 The important duty of a timely seeking of God urged - in a sermon, the substance of which was delivered on the Lord's-Day, April 11th. 1725. And now at the repeated desires of many of the hearers published. By Joseph Emerson, A.M. Pastor of the Church of Christ in Malden. With a preface by the Reverend Dr. Cotton Mather Joseph Emerson 1727 Engelska
5-6 Bridgwater's monitor. - A sermon preached to a new assembly of Christians at Bridgwater; on 14 d. VI. m. 1717. A day of prayer kept by them, at their entering into the new edifice, erected for the worship of God among them. By James Keith, Pastor of the church in Bridgwater. With a preface of Dr. Increase Mather, and Dr. Cotton Mather (flera utgåvor) James Keith 1768 Engelska
7 An abstract of a letter to Cotton Mather of Boston in New-England. - By T.M Thomas Maule in the year 1701 Engelska
8 The Princely convert - A faithful relation of an happy conversion lately wrought on His Highness Maurice-William, Prince of Saxony. Here published at the desire of some honourable persons. Two lines from Isaiah MDCCXXII. 1722 Engelska
9 A thankful memorial of God's sparing mercy - Discourses upon a recovery from sickness. From Psalm CXVIII. 18,19. And from Isaiah XXXIII. 24. By Mathew Short, A.M. Pastor of the Church of Christ in Boston. Eight lines of Scripture texts Matthew Short MDCCXXIX. 1729 Engelska
10 A sermon concerning the life, death, and future state of saints - on the mournful occasion of the much lamented death of that late ingenious, pious, and vertuous gentlewoman, Rachel Hillhouse. Of Free Hall, & County Londonderry, Ireland. Who died, January 7th. 1716. By James Hillhouse A.M. Minister of the Gospel. Two lines from Psalms James Hillhouse 1721 Engelska
11 The Christian's daily devotion - with directions how to walk with God all the day long: being a continuation of the pastoral-letter, from a minister to his parishioners. By the author of the pastoral-letter Author of the pastoral-letter. 1725 Engelska
12 A sermon delivered by Thomas Prince, M.A. on Wensday sic, October 1, 1718. - At his ordination to the pastoral charge of the South Church in Boston, N.E. in conjunction with the Reverend Mr. Joseph Sewall. Together with the charge, by the Reverend Increase Mather, D.D. and a copy of what was said at giving the right hand of fellowship; by the Reverend Cotton Mather, D.D. To which is added, a discourse of the validity of ordination by the hand of presbyters, previous to Mr. Sewall's on September 16. 1713. By the late Reverend and learned Mr. Ebenezer Pemberton, Pastor of the same church Thomas Prince 1718 Engelska
13 Elijah's mantle - A faithful testimony, to the cause and work of God, in the churches of New-England. And the great end and interest of these plantations, dropt and left by four servants of God, famous in the service of the churches. Highly seasonable to be offered unto the people, now succeeding in the New-English colonies, for their serious consideration. Seven lines of Scripture quotations 1722 Engelska
14 A trespass-offering, humbly presented unto the churches of New-England, - by Robert Sturgeon Robert. Sturgeon 1725 Engelska
15 Sundry false hopes of heaven, discovered and decryed, - in a sermon preached at the North-Assembly in Boston, 3. d. 4. m. 1711. By James Pierpont, M.A. Pastor of New-Haven Church. With a preface by the Rd. Dr. Mather. Three lines of quotations James Pierpont 1712 Engelska
16-17 The day of doom; or, A poetical description of the Great and Last Judgment - With a short discourse about eternity. By Michael Wigglesworth, A.M. Teacher of the church at Maldon in N.E (flera utgåvor) Michael Wigglesworth 1751 Engelska
18 A brief account of the state of the province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England, civil and ecclesiastical. - By a lover of his country Ebenezer Pemberton 1717 Engelska
19 Bonifacius Cotton Mather 1966 Engelska
20 Magnalia Christi americana; or The ecclesiastical history of New-England, from its first planting, in the year 1620, unto the year of our Lord 1698 - Portr. Cotton Mather 1853-1855 Engelska

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