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1 An Abstract of the remarkable passages in the life of a private gentleman. - In three parts. Relating to trouble of mind, some violent temptations, and a recovery: in order to awaken the presumptuous, convince the sceptic, and encourage the despondent. With reflections thereon 1744 Engelska
2 A plea for the non-conformists, - shewing the true state of their case: and how far the conformist's seperation sic from the Church of Rome, for their popish superstitions, &c. introduc'd into the service of God, justifies the non-conformist's seperation from them. In a letter to Dr. Benj. Calamy, on his sermon (call'd Scrupulous conscience, inviting hereto. To which is added, a parallel scheme of the pagan, papal, and Christian rites and ceremonies: and a narrative of the sufferings underwent. By Thomas De Laune. With a preface by the author of the Review Thomas De Laune MDCCLXIII. 1763 Engelska
3 The case of the war in Italy stated - being a serious enquiry how far Great-Britain is engaged to concern it self in the quarrel between the Emperor and the King of Spain Daniel Defoe 1718 1717 Engelska
4 Överste Jack - äventyrsroman Daniel Defoe 1945 Svenska
5 Unparallel'd cruelty - or, the tryal of Captain Jeane of Bristol. Who was convicted at the Old Bailey for the murder of his cabbin-boy, ... To which is added, an account of his life and conversation, ... with his dying speech, and behaviour at the place of execution Daniel Defoe 1726 Engelska
6 Rôbina Hūḍa aṇi tyāce raṅgela sobatī 2012 Marathi
7 The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe : The Stoke Newington Edition Daniel Defoe Defoe Engelska
8 Illustrerade äventyrsklassiker cop. 2016 Svenska
9 Berömda klassiker 2004 Svenska
10 The new Robinson Crusoe - an instructive and entertaining history. For the use of children of both sexes. Translated from the French Joachim Heinrich Campe MDCCXC. 1790 Engelska
11 Robinson Kruse Peter Gotthardt 2016 Svenska
12 Robinson Crusoe Deanna McFadden c2006 Engelska
13 The other print tradition - essays on chapbooks, broadsides, and related ephemera 1995 Engelska
14 An account of the abolishing of duels in France - being extracts out of the edicts of the kings, the regulations of the marshals, and the records of the Parliaments of France, with the resolutions of the Arch-bishops 1713 Engelska
15 The court of honour - or, the laws, rules, and ordinances, establish'd for the suppression of duels in France. ... Translated from the French original. Publish'd on occasion of the bill now depending ... relating to duels. With some observations thereon, by Sir Richard Steele 1720 Engelska
16 An Account of the conduct and proceedings of the late John Gow alias Smith, captain of the late pirates, - Executed for murther and piracy committed on board the George Gally, afterwards call'd the revenge; with a relation of all the horrid murthers they committed in cold blood; as also of their being taken at the islands of Orkney, and sent up prisoners to London 1725 Engelska
17 An account of the proceedings against the rebels, and other prisoners, tried before the Lord Chief Justice Jefferies - and other judges in the west of England, in 1685. for taking arms under the Duke of Monmouth. ... To which is prefix'd, the Duke of Monmouth's, the Earl of Argyle's, and the Pretender's declarations, that the reader may the better judge of the cause of the several rebellions 1716 Engelska
18 An Account of the proceedings against the rebels, and other prisoners, tried before the Lord Chief Justice Jefferies, and other judges, in the west of England, in 1685. for taking arms under the Duke of Monmouth. - With a compleat list of all the persons that suffered, the counties they suffer'd in, the crimes they were tryed for, and the punishments inflicted on them. Also an account of what was done against those in Scotland, who took arms there under the Earl of Argyle, &c. and against the protestants in Ireland, by the Late King James, and his Deputy Tyrconnel. Published from an original manuscript. To which is prefix'd, the Duke of Monmouth's the Argyle's, and the pretender's declarations; that ... may the better judge of the cause of the 1716 Engelska
19 An account of the riots, tumults, and other treasonable practices; since His Majesty's accession to the throne - With some remarks, shewing the necessity of strengthening the laws against riots; humbly offered to the consideration of the Parliament 1715 Engelska
20 An Account of the rise, progress, and termination, of the malignant fever, lately prevalent in Philadelphia. - Briefly stated from authentic documents MDCCXCIII. 1793 Engelska

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