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Titel Författare År Språk
1 Anatole France, nobelova nagrada za književnost 1921 Anatole France 1998
2 The Lais of Marie de France - text and translation Marie de France 2018 Engelska
3 Ordonnance de Louys XIV roy de France et de Navarre donnée à S. Germain en Laye au mois d'avril France 1667 Franska
4 Izvori Kyrillos, helgon, slavernas apostel 1960 Fornkyrkslaviska
5 Lille Pierre - Vid den heliga Klaras brunn En komedianthistoria Anatole France 1928 Svenska
6 Trois comédies Anatole France 1932 Franska
7 Proceedings of the 15th international conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems Robert B. France 2012 Okänt
8 Severall letters betwixt the French king and the q. mother, concerning the present troubles there - vnto which is added, the French king's declaration vpon the departure of the queene mother, and monsieur his brother out of the kingdome : the confirmation of the court parliament of Paris vpon the same Louis, XIII, King of France 1631 Engelska
9 The copie of the publication of the trewse made betwene the most Cristien sic Kynge Henry second of that name themperour, and the kyng of Ingland his sonne France. 1556 Engelska
10 Newes out of France: concerning great troubles likely to ensue, by occasion of the departure of the Queene Mother from Blois - and the causes thereof. Contayned in the letters of the said Queene Mother, vnto her sonne the French King, and his answere therevnto; manifesting the motiues of his taking vp armes, and against whom he entends to imploy them. Dated the 17. of March, 1619. VVith foure other letters of the Queene Mother, to the Lord Chancelor, Keeper of the Seales; President Iannin, and Duke de Mayenne, and the Prince of Pyemont his letter vnto her, concerning these affaires. Faithfully translated, according to the French copie Marie de Médicis, Queen, consort of Henry IV, King of France 1619 Engelska
11 The French king's decree against Protestants, prohibiting them the exercise of their religion, &c. - to which is added a brief and true account of the cruel persecution and inhumane oppressions of those of the reformed religion to make them abjure and apostatize : together with the form of abjuration the revolting Protestants are to subscribe and swear to, and a declaration of his Electoral Highness of Brandenburgh ... : also a letter from Father La Chese ... to Father Petre France 1689 Engelska
12-13 An edict of the French king prohibiting all publick exercise of the pretended reformed religion in his kingdom - wherein he recalls and totally annuls the perpetual and irrevocable edict of King Henry the IV, his grandfather, given at Nantes, full of most gracious concessions to Protestants : to which is added, the French king's letter to the Elector of Brandenburg, containing several passages relating to the foregoing edict : as also, a brief and true account of the persecution carried on against those of the foresaid religion ... : together with the form of abjuration the revolting Protestants are to subscribe and swear to, and a declaration of His Electoral Highness of Brandenburg (flera utgåvor) France 1686 Engelska
14 Prešeren Francè Prešeren 1936-1938 Slovenska
15 Novejša slovenska drama 1, Naturalizem - simbolizem 1954 Slovenska
16 Le flâneur des deux rives 1928 Franska
17 Statuts et reglemens des manufactures de la ville d'Abbeville - homologués au Conseil d'Etat, Sa Majesté y étant, le 30 octobre 1670 : avec quelques arrêts de reglemens du Conseil d'Etat rendus en faveur de ces manufactures Abbeville (France) 1736 Franska
18 Resource Governance and Developmental States in the Global South: Critical International Political Economy Perspectives France Bourgouin 2013 Okänt
19 Code des emigres, condamnes et deportes, ou, Recueil des décrets rendus par les Assemblées constituante, législative et conventionelle France an 2-3 1794-1795 Franska
20 Thaïs - suivi de, La rôtisserie de la reine Pédauque Anatole France 1959 Franska

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