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1 The experience of Mr. R. Cruttenden, - as delivered into a congregation of Christ in Lime-Street, under the pastoral care of the Rev. Mr. Richardson. Prefaced and recommended by George Whitefield, A.B. late of Pembroke-College, Oxford R. (Robert). Cruttenden 1744 Engelska
2 A letter from the Reverend Mr. Ralph Erskine to the Reverend Mr. Geo. Whitefield Ralph Erskine 1741 Engelska
3 A funeral hymn, - composed by that eminent servant of the most high God, the late Reverend and Renowned George Whitefield, Chaplain to the Right Hon. the Countess of Huntingdon, &c., &c. Who departed this life in full assurance of a better, on Lord's Day, the thirtieth of September, 1770 ... at Newbury-Port, in New-England.--This hymn was designed to have been sung over his corpse, by the orphans belonging to his tabernacle in London, had this great, pious, and learned man died there Charles Wesley 1770? Engelska
4 The declaration of the rector and tutors of Yale-College in New-Haven, against the Reverend Mr. George Whitefield, his principles and designs. - In a letter to him Yale College 1745 Engelska
5 What boys and girls like to read George W. (George Whitefield) Norvell 1958 Engelska
6 Harmony - a course of study and, A key to Chadwick's Harmony G. W. (George Whitefield) Chadwick 1975 Engelska
7 Horatio Parker G. W. (George Whitefield) Chadwick 1972 Engelska
8 An account of money, receiv'd and expended by the Rev. Mr. Whitefield, for the poor of Georgia 1739? Engelska
9 A Collection of papers, lately printed in the daily advertiser. - Containing, I. A letter from the Rev. Mr. Whitefield to a friend in London, dated at New-Brunswick in New-Jersey, April 27, 1740. II. A letter from the Rev. Mr. Whitefield, to the inhabitants of Maryland, Virginia, North and South-Carolina. III. A letter from the Rev. Mr. Whitefield to a friend in London; shewing the fundamental error of a book called The Whole Duty of Man. IV. A letter from the Rev. Mr. Whitefield, at Georgia, to a friend in London, wherein he vindicates his asseting, that Archbishop Tillotson knew no more of true Christianity than mahomet. V. A second letter on the same subject. VI. Some observations on the Rev. Mr. Whitefield and his opposers. VII. The manner of the childrens spending their time at the Orphan-House in Georgia 1740 Engelska
10 A collection of papers, lately printed in the Daily Advertiser. ... To which is added, a letter to Mr. William Seward from Mr. Joseph Periam, 1740 Engelska
11 Samson a type of Christ - Being a sermon, preached in London, July 28, 1691, at a morning-lecture, upon Judges XIV. 5. ... By David Crosley Five lines of Scripture texts David Crosley 1796 Engelska
12 Divine melody: or, a help to devotion - Selected, approved and recommended by the Rev. Mr. Whitefield 1739 Engelska
13 The revivals of the eighteenth century, particularly at Cambuslang Duncan Macfarlan 1847 Engelska
14 Mr. Pickering's letter to Mr. Whitefield - touching his relation to the Church of England; his impulses or impressions; and the present unhappy state of things, &c. Offered in excuse of Mr. Pickering's disinclination to open his pulpit to him in his late visit to Ipswich, &c. Together with Mr. Pickering's letter to a neighbouring minister; exhibiting his opinion with respect to the reception of Mr. Whitefield, upon private satisfaction Theophilus Pickering 1745 Engelska
15-16 The querists - or an extract of sundry passages taken out of Mr Whitefield's printed sermons, journals and letters: together with some scruples propos'd in proper queries raised on each remark. By some church members of the Presbyterian persuasion. Two lines of quotations (flera utgåvor) 1741 Engelska
17 Aaron's blessing the children of Israel. - A farewel sermon, preached at Edinburgh, in the Orphan-Hospital-Park, 13th September, 1762. By the Rev. Mr. George Whitefield George Whitefield M,DCC,LXII. 1762 Engelska
18 Abraham's offering up his son Isaac. - A sermon preached by the Reverend Mr. George Whitefield, A.B. late of Pembroke College, Oxford George Whitefield Printed in the year M.DCC.LVIII. 1758 Engelska
19 An account of money received and disbursed for the orphan-house in Georgia - By George Whitefield, ... To which is prefixed a plan of the building George Whitefield 1741 Engelska
20 A continuation of the account of the orphan-house in Georgia, from January 1740/1 to June 1742. To which are also subjoin'd, some extracts from an account of a work of a like nature, carried on by the late Professor Franck ... By George Whitefield, George Whitefield 1742 Engelska

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