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1 God's way the best way, - briefly and plainly demonstrated; in a sermon preach'd at the lecture in Boston, March 19th. 1718,19. By William Boyd, A.M. Minister of the Gospel. Eight lines from Psalms William Boyd 1719 Engelska
2 A treatise concerning the Lords Supper - with three dialogues for the more full information of the weak, in the nature and use of this sacrament. By Tho. Doolittle Thomas Doolittle 1708 Engelska
3 The doctrine of the Last Judgment, asserted and explained, - in two discourses on Romans ii. 16. By Henry Flint, M.A. and Fellow of Harvard College in Cambridge. Six lines from John Henry Flynt 1714 Engelska
4 A plea for the ministers of the Gospel, - offered to the consideration of the people of New-England. Being an exposition of Galat. VI. 6. Three lines from Galatians By a friend to the churches Friend to the churches. 1706 Engelska
5 A sermon concerning the life, death, and future state of saints - on the mournful occasion of the much lamented death of that late ingenious, pious, and vertuous gentlewoman, Rachel Hillhouse. Of Free Hall, & County Londonderry, Ireland. Who died, January 7th. 1716. By James Hillhouse A.M. Minister of the Gospel. Two lines from Psalms James Hillhouse 1721 Engelska
6-7 Bridgwater's monitor. - A sermon preached to a new assembly of Christians at Bridgwater; on 14 d. VI. m. 1717. A day of prayer kept by them, at their entering into the new edifice, erected for the worship of God among them. By James Keith, Pastor of the church in Bridgwater. With a preface of Dr. Increase Mather, and Dr. Cotton Mather (flera utgåvor) James Keith 1768 Engelska
8 A faithful man, described and rewarded - Some observable & serviceable passages in the life and death of Mr. Michael Wigglesworth. Late Pastor of Maldon i.e., Malden; who rested from his labours, on the Lords-Day, June 10th. 1705. In the seventy fourth year of his age. And memorials of piety, left behind him among his written experiences. With a funeral-sermon preached (for him) at Maldon; June 24. 1705. By Cotton Mather. Two lines of quotation in Latin Cotton Mather 1705 Engelska
9 A good evening for the best of dayes - An essay, to manage an action of trespass, against those who mispend the Lords-Day evening, in such things as have a tendency to defeat the good of the day. A sermon preached in the audience of the General Assembly, at Boston, 4 d. 9 m. 1708. And, published, by the order of the House of Representatives. Three lines from Psalms Cotton Mather 1708 Engelska
10 Hades look'd into - The power of our great Saviour over the invisible world, and the gates of death which lead into that world. Considered, in a sermon preached at the funeral of the Honourable, Wait Winthrop Esq; who expired, 7 d. IX m. 1717. In the LXXXVI year of his age. By C. Mather, D.D. & F.R.S. Three lines of quotation in Latin Cotton Mather 1717 Engelska
11 Love triumphant - A sermon at the gathering of a new church, and the ordaining of their pastor; in the north part of Boston; May 23. 1722. With copies of other things offered in the publick actions of that solemn occasion. Two lines from Augustine Cotton Mather 1722 Engelska
12 Marah spoken to - A brief essay to do good unto the widow; dispensing those lessons of piety, which are, the portion assigned for the widow, in the house and word of God. By one of the ministers in Boston. With a preface of Dr. Increase Mather. Two lines from Job Cotton Mather 1718 Engelska
13 The right way to shake off a viper - An essay, upon a case too commonly calling for consideration; what shall good men do, when they are evil spoken of? With a preface of Dr. Increase Mather Cotton Mather 1720 Engelska
14 Utilia. Real and vital religion served, in the various & glorious intentions of it - With eight essays upon important subjects, which have a serviceable aspect upon it ... Two lines from Erasmus Cotton Mather 1716 Engelska
15 A brief relation of the state of New England from the beginning of that plantation to this present year, 1689 - in a letter to a person of quality Increase Mather 1689 Engelska
16 Kometographia, or, A discourse concerning comets - wherein the nature of blazing stars is enquired into : with an historical account of all comets which have appeared from the beginning of the world unto this present year, MDCLXXXIII : expressing ... where they were seen, their motion, forms, duration, and the remarkable events which followed ... : as also two sermons occasioned by the late blazing stars Increase Mather 1683 Engelska
17 A testimony from the Scripture against idolatry & superstition, - in two sermons, upon the example of that great reformer Hezekiah, 2 Kings XVIII. 4. The first, witnessing in general against all the idols and inventions of men in the worship of God. The second, more particularly against the ceremonies, and some other corruptions of the Church of England. Preached the one September 27. the other Septemb. 30. 1660. By Mr. Samuel Mather, once Pastor of a church of Christ in Dublin. Eight lines from I Samuel Samuel Mather 1725 Engelska
18 The vain youth summoned to appear at Christ's bar. Or, An essay to block up the sinful wayes of young people, by most solemn considerations, relating to that judgment unto which they are hastening. - In a lecture-sermon, preached at York, in the province of Main sic; Jun 25. 1701. By Samuel Moodey, Pastor of the Church of Christ there Samuel Moodey 1707 Engelska
19 God brings to the desired haven - A thanksgiving-sermon deliver'd at the lecture in Boston. N.E. On Thursday September 5. 1717. Upon occasion of the author's safe arrival thro' many great hazards & deliverances, especially on the seas, in above eight years absence from his dear & native country. By Thomas Prince, M.A. With a prefatory epistle to the reader, by Increase Mather, D.D. Ten lines from Psalms Thomas Prince 1717. Price 8 d. single, & 6 s. per doz Engelska
20 A sermon delivered by Thomas Prince, M.A. on Wensday sic, October 1, 1718. - At his ordination to the pastoral charge of the South Church in Boston, N.E. in conjunction with the Reverend Mr. Joseph Sewall. Together with the charge, by the Reverend Increase Mather, D.D. and a copy of what was said at giving the right hand of fellowship; by the Reverend Cotton Mather, D.D. To which is added, a discourse of the validity of ordination by the hand of presbyters, previous to Mr. Sewall's on September 16. 1713. By the late Reverend and learned Mr. Ebenezer Pemberton, Pastor of the same church Thomas Prince 1718 Engelska

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