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1 Adversus libertinos. Or, Evangelical obedience described and demanded - in an essay to establish, the holy law of the glorious God, upon the principles, of justification by the faith of the Gospel. By Cotton Mather, D.D. Nine lines of quotations Cotton Mather 1713 Engelska
2 A faithful narrative of the surprising work of God in the conversion of many hundred souls in Northampton, and the neighbouring towns and villages of New-Hampshire and New-England. - In a letter to the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Colman of Boston. By the Rev. Mr. Edwards, Minister o Northampton. And published with a large preface, by Dr. Watts and Dr. Guyse Jonathan Edwards M,DCC,XC. 1790 Engelska
3 The religion of the cross - A brief essay upon the cross whereof our great Saviour, once crucified for us, will have every Christian to be a sufferer. With some instructions unto the Christian, how to bear the cross appointed for him. Occasioned by what was encountred, in the death of that vertuous gentlewoman, Mrs. Elizabeth Mather. Who expired, 9. d. IX. m. 1713. Four lines of quotation Cotton Mather 1714 Engelska
4 The religious tradesman, or, Plain and serious hints of advice for the tradesman's prudent and pious conduct, from his entrance into business, to his leaving it off - Contained under the heads, of the nature of a life of business, and obligations to it. Of chusing a calling. Of prudence, or discretion. Of diligence. Of justice, of truth, and of contentment, as they relate to trade. Of religion. Of leaving our callings. Seven lines from Watts' preface Richard Steele 178-? Engelska
5 Seasonable thoughts upon mortality - A sermon occasioned by the raging of a mortal sickness in the colony of Connecticut, and the many deaths of our brethren there. Delivered at Boston-lecture, 24.d. 11.m. 1711,12. By Cotton Mather, D.D. Four lines of quotation Cotton Mather 1712 Engelska
6 Repeated warnings - Another essay, to warn young people against rebellions that must be repented of; but unto repentance when they have been rebellious. Or, Serious advice unto children, to beware of disobedience unto the voice of their teachers; and unto them that should b their teachers, to do their duty to them. With a pathetical relation, of what occurr'd in the remarkable experiences of a young man, who made an hopeful end lately at Lyme in Connecticut. Communicated in a letter to the author. Three lines of quotations Cotton Mather 1712 Engelska
7 A monitory letter to them who needlessly and frequently absent themselves from the publick worship of God - Briefly representing the nature and intent of religious assemblies, and the grievous evil of profane absence from them. Published and dispersed by some, who desire the reformation of that growing evil. Two lines from Hebrews Cotton Mather 1738 Engelska
8 Youth liable to sudden death; excited seriously to consider thereof, and speedily to prepare therefore - The substance of a discourse, delivered on the day of the funeral of three young men, who were killed by lightning, at Suffield, May 20, 1766. By Israel Holly, Preacher of the Gospel in Suffield. Six lines of Scripture texts Israel Holly 1767? Engelska
9 Tabitha rediviva - An essay to describe and commend the good works of a vertuous woman; who therein approves her self a real disciple of an holy Saviour. With some justice done to the memory of that religious and Honourable gentlewoman, Mrs. Elizabeth Hutchinson. Who expired, 3.d. 12.m. 1712,13. In the LXXI year of her age. By Cotton Mather, D.D. Four lines of quotation in Latin Cotton Mather 1713 Engelska
10 The believer's triumph over death, and the grave - A sermon occasion'd by the decease of Mrs. Anna Cary, late consort of Mr. Richard Cary of Charlestown; and preached there (the Sabbath after) March 2, 1755. And now published at his desire. By Thomas Prentice, A.M. one of the pastors of the church there. Two lines of Scripture texts Thomas Prentice M,DCC,LV. 1755 Engelska
11-13 Doctor Watts's imitation of the Psalms of David - corrected and enlarged. By Joel Barlow. To which is added a collection of hymns; the whole applied to the state of the Christian church in general. Two lines from Luke (flera utgåvor) M,DCC,XCI. 1791 Engelska
14 Memoirs of the lives, characters and writings of those two eminently pious and useful ministers of Jesus Christ, Dr. Isaac Watts and Dr. Philip Doddridge Jeremy Belknap MDCCXCII. 1793 Engelska
15 The American singing book; or A new and easy guide to the art of psalmody - Designed for the use of singing-schools in America. Containing in a plain and familiar manner, the rules and psalmody, together with a number of psalm-tunes, &c. Composed by Daniel Read, philo-musico. One line from Psalms Daniel Read M.DCC.LXXXVI. 1786 Engelska
16-17 The New-England primer, enlarged and improved: or, An easy and pleasant guide to the art of reading. - Adorned with cuts. Also the catechism (flera utgåvor) 1790? Engelska
18 The New-England primer enlarged: or, An easy and pleasant guide to the art of reading. - Adorn'd with cuts. To which are added, the Assembly of Divines catechism, &c 1798 Engelska
19-20 The New-England primer. Improved. - for the more easy attaining the true reading of English. To which is added, the Assembly of Divines, and Mr. Cotton's catechism (flera utgåvor) M,DCCLXXXIV. 1784 Engelska

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