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1 Old divinity preferable to modern novelty - The second part. Further demonstrating the folly and absurdity of that doctrine which asserts that God creates sin. In a letter to a friend, by Israel Holly, V.D.M. Two lines of quotation Israel Holly 1795 Engelska
2 A word in Zion's behalf; or, Two mites cast into the church's treasury - Being a short discourse upon Matthew xxiii 9. Wherein is briefly shewn, the right and duty of private judgment, without controul from human authority, in matters of religion, as founded on the authority of Christ; commanding us to call no man father upon earth: with the necessary consequence thereof, considered, in the rise, formation, privileges and power of particular Christian churches. With some remarks on Mr. Beckwith's letter; in which he asserts, that he has proved, that no ordaining power was ever given to the church by Jesus Christ. By Israel Holly, Pastor of a Congregational church in Suffield. Five lines of Scripture texts Israel Holly 1765? Engelska
3 Youth liable to sudden death; excited seriously to consider thereof, and speedily to prepare therefore - The substance of a discourse, delivered on the day of the funeral of three young men, who were killed by lightning, at Suffield, May 20, 1766. By Israel Holly, Preacher of the Gospel in Suffield. Six lines of Scripture texts Israel Holly 1767? Engelska


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