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1 A catechism, containing the first principles of religious and social duties - Adapted to the capacities of children and youth, and beneficial to heads of families. By Hezekiah Packard, Minister of Chelmsford. Four lines of Scripture text Hezekiah Packard 1796 Engelska
2 The history of New-Hampshire. Volume I - Comprehending the events of one complete century from the discovery of the River Pascataqua. By Jeremy Belknap, A.M. Member of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge. Four lines in Latin from Ovid Jeremy Belknap M.DCC.LXXXIV. 1784 Engelska
3 The history of New-Hampshire. Volume II - Comprehending the events of of seventy five years, from MDCCXV to MDCCXC. Illustrated by a map. By Jeremy Belknap, A.M. Member of the Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, and of the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Massachusetts Jeremy Belknap MDCCXCI. 1791 Engelska
4 The history of New-Hampshire. Volume III - Containing a geographical description of the state; with sketches of its natural history, productions, improvements, and present state of society and manners, laws and government. By Jeremy Belknap, A.M. Member of the Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, and of the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Massachusetts Jeremy Belknap MDCCXCII. 1792 Engelska
5 American biography: or, An historical account of those persons who have been distinguished in America, as adventurers, statesmen, philosophers, divines, warriors, authors, and other remarkable characters - Comprehending a recital of the events connected with their lives and actions. Vol. I-II. By Jeremy Belknap, D.D. Five lines in Latin from Virgil Published according to act of Congress Jeremy Belknap MDCCXCIV. 1794-1798 Engelska
6 A discourse, intended to commemorate the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus - delivered at the request of the Historical Society in Massachusetts, on the 23d day of October, 1792, being the completion of the third century since that memorable event. To which are added, four dissertations, connected with various parts of the discourse, viz. 1. On the circumnavigation of Africa by the ancients. 2. An examination of the pretentions of Martin Behaim to a discovery of America prior to that of Columbus, with a chronological detail of all the discoveries made in the 15th century. 3. On the question, whether the honey-bee is a native of America? 4. On the colour of the native Americans and the recent population of this continent. By Jeremy Belknap, D.D. Six lines in Latin from Seneca Jeremy Belknap MDCCXCII. 1792 Engelska
7 Sacred poetry - Consisting of psalms and hymns, adapted to Christian devotion, in public and private. Selected from the best authors, with variations and additions. By Jeremy Belknap, D.D. Published according to act of Congress 1797 1798 Engelska
8-9 The foresters - an American tale: being a sequel to the History of John Bull the clothier. In a series of letters to a friend (flera utgåvor) Jeremy Belknap Nov. 1796 Engelska
10 Dissertations on the character, death & resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the evidence of his Gospel - with remarks on some sentiments advanced in a book intitled "The age of reason." By Jeremy Belknap, Minister of the church in Federal-Street, Boston Jeremy Belknap 1795 Engelska
11 A sermon, delivered at Boston, March 12th, 1789 - by the Rev. Samuel West, at his instalment to the pastoral care of the church and society in Hollis Street. To which are added, the charge, given on that occasion, by the Rev. Jeremy Belknap. And the right hand of fellowship, by the Rev. Joseph Eckley Samuel West MDCCLXXXIX. 1789 Engelska
12 A sermon, delivered at the First Church in Boston, April 6, 1798 - at the interment of the Reverend John Clarke, D.D. who expired suddenly, April 2, 1798. Ae. 43. By Peter Thacher, D.D. Pastor of the church in Brattle-Street, Boston Peter Thacher 1798 Engelska
13 A sermon delivered at the ordination of the Rev. John Thornton Kirkland - to the pastoral care of the New South Church and congregation in Boston, February 5th, 1794. By David Tappan, A.M. professor of divinity in Harvard College David Tappan MDCCXCIV. 1794 Engelska
14 A sermon, delivered before the convention of the clergy of Massachusetts, in Boston, May 26, 1796 - By Jeremy Belknap, Minister of the church in Federal-Street, Boston. Three lines in Latin from Horace Jeremy Belknap 1796 Engelska
15 An election sermon, preached before the General Court, of New-Hampshire, at Portsmouth, June 2, 1785 - By Jeremy Belknap. Two lines from Gov. Winthrop Jeremy Belknap M,DCC,LXXXV. 1785 Engelska
16 A sermon on military duty, preached at Dover, November 10, 1772, - before His Excellency John Wentworth, Esq; LL.D. governor of His Majesty's province of New-Hampshire; at a review of the Second Regiment of Foot in said province. By Jeremy Belknap, A.M. Two lines in Latin from Virgil Jeremy Belknap MDCCLXXIII. 1773 Engelska
17 An eclogue occasioned by the death of the Reverend Alexander Cumming, A.M. on the 25th of August A.D. 1763. Aetat. 37 - Two lines from Psalms Jeremy Belknap MDCCLXIII. 1763 Engelska
18 A plain and earnest address from a minister to a parishioner, on the neglect of the publick worship, and preaching of the Gospel - Eight lines from Proverbs Jeremy Belknap MDCCLXXI. 1771 Engelska
19 Memoirs of the lives, characters and writings of those two eminently pious and useful ministers of Jesus Christ, Dr. Isaac Watts and Dr. Philip Doddridge Jeremy Belknap MDCCXCII. 1793 Engelska
20 Ebenezer Hazard, Jeremy Belknap and the American Revolution Russell M. Lawson 2011 Engelska


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