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1 The Indian emperor, or, The conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards. - Being the sequel of the Indian queen John Dryden 1670 Engelska
2 The Indian emperour, or, The conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards - being the sequel of The Indian queen John Dryden 1670 Engelska
3 A collection of the English poets - containing the poetical works of Pope. Dryden. Swift. Prior. Gay. Shenston. Pomfret. Gray & Littleton. Thomson. Young. In twenty volumes 1776-1777 Engelska
4 Absolon's IX worthies, or, A key to a late book or poem, entituled A.B. & A.C 1682 Engelska
5 After The tempest 1969 Engelska
6 The Annual miscellany, for the year 1694 - being the fourth part of Miscellany poems : containing great variety of new translations and original copies 1694 Engelska
7 The history of Appian of Alexandria - in two parts : the first consisting of the Punick, Syrian, Parthian, Mithridatick, Illyrian, Spanish, & Hannibalick wars, the second containing five books of the civil wars of Rome Appianus, of Alexandria 1679 Engelska
8-10 The unhappy favourite, or, The Earl of Essex - a tragedy acted at the Theatre Royal by Their Majesty's servants (flera utgåvor) John Banks 1693 Engelska
11 The prophetess, or, The History of Dioclesian, written by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher. With alterations and additions, after the manner of an opera. Represented at the Queens Theatre, by Their Majesties Servants Francis Beaumont 1690 Engelska
12 The widdow Ranter, or, The history of Bacon in Virginia - a tragi-comedy, acted by Their Majesties servants Aphra Behn 1690 Engelska
13 Religio laici - written in a letter to John Dryden, Esq Charles Blount 1683 Engelska
14 The art of poetry Nicolas Boileau 1683 Engelska
15 The life of St. Francis Xavier, of the Society of Jesus, apostle of the Indies, and of Japan Dominique Bouhours 1688 Engelska
16 An essay upon satyr, or, A poem on the times - under the names of the golden age, the silver age, the brazen age, and the iron age : to which is added, A satyr against Separatists John Sheffield Buckingham, Duke of 1680 Engelska
17-18 Complementum Fortunatarum Insularum, P. II, sive, Galathea vaticinans - being part of an epithalamium upon the auspicious match of the Most Puissant and Most Serene Charles II and the Most Illustrious Catharina, Infanta of Portugal : with a description of the Fortunate Islands (flera utgåvor) P. de (Pierre) Cardonnel 1662 Engelska
19 Towser the Second, a bull-dog, or, A short reply to Absalon and Achitophel Henry Care 1681 Engelska
20 Chorea gigantum, or, The most famous antiquity of Great-Britan sic, vulgarly called Stone-Heng, standing on Salisbury Plain, restored to the Danes Walter Charleton 1663 Engelska

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