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1 Eikon Basilike. Le portrait dv roy de la Grand' Bretagne. Durant sa solitude & ses souffrances Karl, I, kung av England 1649 Franska
2 Eikōn basilikē. - The pourtraicture of His sacred Maiestie in his solitudes and sufferings John Gauden 1649 Engelska
3 Megaleia theou Gods great demonstrations and demands of justice, mercy, and humility, - set forth in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at their solemn fast, before their first sitting, April 30. 1660 John Gauden 1660 Engelska
4 Anti Baal-Berith - or The binding of the covenant and all covenanters to their good behaviours. By a just vindication of Dr. Gaudens Analysis (that is, his resolving of the Covenant to law and justice, to duty and conscience, to reason and religion: or his dissolving it) against the cacotomy of a nameless and shameless libeller the worthy hyperaspites of Dr. Burges. Also against the pittyful cavils and objections of Mr. Zach. Grafton sic, a rigid presbyter. With an answer to that monstrous paradox, of no sacriledge no sin, to alienate Church lands, without and against all laws of God and man John Gauden 1661 Engelska
5 A sermon preached in the Temple-chappel, at the funeral of the Right Reverend Father in God, Dr. Brounrig late Lord Bishop of Exceter, - who died Decem. 7. and was solemnly buried Decemb. 17. in that chappel. With an account of his life and death· John Gauden 1660 Engelska
6 Hierotelesia gamikē - Christ at the wedding: the pristine sanctity and solemnity of Christian marriages, as they were celebrated by the Church of England John Gauden 1654 Engelska
7 A discourse of auxiliary beauty. Or artificiall hansomenesse. - In point of conscience between two ladies John Gauden 1656 Engelska
8 Analysis. - The loosing of St. Peters bands; setting forth the true sense and solution of the Covenant in point of conscience so far as it relates to the government of the Church by episcopacy John Gauden 1660 Engelska
9 Funerals made cordials. - in a sermon prepared and (in part) preached at the solemn interment of the corps of the Right Honorable Robert Rich, heire apparent to the Earldom of Warwick. (Who aged 23. died Febr. 16. at Whitehall, and was honorably buried March 5. 1657. at Felsted in Essex.) John Gauden 1658 Engelska
10 Certain scruples and doubts of conscience about taking the Solemne League and Covenant; - first printed in the yeare 1643. Wherein is briefly intimated the invalidity thereof, inconsistency with, and contradiction to it self, and all former oathes, and the very protestation so lately before imposed upon the people of this nation, by the same authority that did force upon us the said League and Covenant. Being now reprinted and in all love tendered to the consideration of Sir Lawrence Bromfeild and Mr. Zach. Grofton sic; with all others who are conscientious as well as zealous. Together with a letter directed to the author of the said Scruples and doubts John Gauden printed in the year 1660 Engelska
11 Antisacrilegus: or, A defensative against the plausible pest, or guilded poyson, of that nameless paper, (supposed to be the plot of Dr. C. Burges, and his partners;) - which tempts the Kings Majestie by the offer of five hundred thousand pounds, to make good by an Act of Parliament to the purchasers of bishops, deans, and chapters lands, their illegal bargain, for ninety nine years John Gauden 1660 Engelska
12 The religious & loyal protestation, of John Gauden Dr. in Divinity; against the present declared purposes and proceedings of the Army and others; about the trying and destroying our soveraign lord the King John Gauden 1649 Engelska
13 Kakourgoi, sive medicastri: Slight healers of publick hurts - set forth in a sermon preached in St. Pauls Church, London, before the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor, Lord General, aldermen, Common-Council, and companies of the honorable City of London. Febr. 28. 1659. Being a day of solemn thanksgiving unto God for restoring the secluded members of Parliament to the House of Commons: (and for preserving the city) as a door of hope thereby opened to the fulness and freedom of future Parliaments: the most probable means under God for healing the hurts, and recovering the health of these three Brittish kingdoms John Gauden 1660 Engelska
14 Hinc illæ lachrymæ. - Or the impietie of impunitie. Containing a short, serious and most certain demonstration of the main (if not, only) rise and originall of all the grand grievances, and obstructions of piety and justice, over the whole kingdome. Together with a soveraign salve, and precious plaisture, for the unquestionable cure thereof (by Gods blessing) if it be seriously and seasonably applyed, according to direction herein, humbly prescribed John Gauden 1647 Engelska
15 The divine penitential meditations and vovves of His late Sacred Majesty in his solitude at Holmby-House, Edward Reynolds Printed in the year, 1649 Engelska
16 A remonstrance presented to O.P. Feb. 4. 1655 John Gauden 1660 Engelska
17 Joannis Episcopi Exoniensis consilia et voce & scripto tradita - XLIIII. fratribus filiisque, sacris ordinibus per ipsum episcopum & primores presbyteros in ecclesia cathedrali Exoniensi more patrio, prisco & Catholico intiatis, Januarii 13. 1660 John Gauden MDCLXI. 1661 Latin
18 Psalterium Carolinum. - The devotions of His sacred Majestie in his solitudes and sufferings, rendred in verse John Wilson 1657 Engelska
19 The kingly myrrour, - or King Charles his last legacy to the prince his son. Written a little before his death. Containing many excellent instructions and directions, how to carry himselfe in all estates and conditions. And may serve as a good monitor for all the princes in Christendome John Gauden 1649 Engelska
20 Eikōn basilikē. - Vel imago regis caroli, in illis suis ærumnis et solitudine John Gauden 1649 Latin

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