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1 Gullivers resor Jonathan Swift 1969 Svenska
2 A catechism, containing the first principles of religious and social duties - Adapted to the capacities of children and youth, and beneficial to heads of families. By Hezekiah Packard, Minister of Chelmsford. Four lines of Scripture text Hezekiah Packard 1796 Engelska
3 Dean Swift's true, genuine, and authentic copy of that most strange, wonderful, and surprizing prophecy written by Saint Patrick, ... translated from the Irish original ... in the reign of K. Henry VII. Now publish'd with explanatory notes. The second edition. To which is subjoin'd, Æsculapius: an imitation of Lucian Jonathan Swift 1740 Engelska
4 Gulliver's travels Jonathan Swift ©2012 Engelska
5 Jonathan Swift : the essential writings - authoritative texts, contexts, criticism Jonathan Swift 2010 Engelska
6 A tale of a tub - to which is added, an account of a battel between the antient and modern books in St. James's library Jonathan Swift 1711 Engelska
7 The works of Jonathan Swift 1, Gulliver's travels Jonathan Swift 1902 Engelska
8 A collection of the English poets - containing the poetical works of Pope. Dryden. Swift. Prior. Gay. Shenston. Pomfret. Gray & Littleton. Thomson. Young. In twenty volumes 1776-1777 Engelska
9 A defence of English commodities - Being an answer to the Proposal for the universal use of Irish manufactures, ... To which is annexed, An elegy upon the much lamented death of Mr. Demar, ... Written by Dean Swift 1720 Engelska
10 The history of John Bull. And Poems on several occasions, by Dr. Jonathan Swift. With several miscellaneous pieces, by Dr. Swift and Mr. Pope John Arbuthnot 1750? Engelska
11 Le procès sans fin, ou l'histoire de John Bull - publiée sur un manuscrit trouvé dans le cabinet du fameux Sire Humfroy Polesworth, en l'année 1712. Par le docteur Swift John Arbuthnot 1754 Franska
12-13 Law is a bottomless pit - or, The history of John Bull. Published from a manuscript found in the cabinet of the famous Sir H. Polesworth, in the year 1712 (flera utgåvor) John Arbuthnot M,DCC,XCIV. 1794 Engelska
14 Le procès sans fin - ou L'histoire de John Bull, ... par le docteur Swift John Arbuthnot 1753 Franska
15 An Authentic copy of the last will and Testament of the Reverend Dr. Swift, dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin. To which is added some explanatory notes, by this publisher 1745? Engelska
16 Berättelsen om Gullivers resor 1940 Svenska
17 A continuation of the prdictions sic for the remaining part of the year 1708 - From the month of September, till the month of March, which compleats the whole year; ... By Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq Isaac. Bickerstaff 1708 Engelska
18 Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's travels Beverley. Birch 2002 Engelska
19 The management of the four last years vindicated - in which Her late Majesty, and her ministry, are fully cleared from the false aspersions cast on them in a late pamphlet, entituled, An enquiry into the miscarriages of the four last years reign, &c. and the malice of the faction in that, and other late libels, is expos'd : recommended to all true English men, against the election of a new Parliament C. B. 1714 Engelska
20 A proposal humbly offer'd to the P------------t - for the more effectual preventing the further growth of popery. With the description and use of the ecclesiastical thermometer, very proper for all families. By C- P-, Esq C. P. 1731 Engelska

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