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1-2 An alarm to unconverted sinners. - in a serious treatise. Shewing I. What conversion is not, and correcting some mistakes about it. II. What conversion is, and wherein it consisteth. III. The necessity of conversion. IV. The marks of the unconverted. V. The miseries of the unconverted. VI. Directions for conversion. VII. Motives to conversion. Whereunto is annex'd, Divers practical cases of conscience judiciously resolv'd. By Joseph Alleine, late Minister of the Gospel at Taunton in Somersetshire (flera utgåvor) Joseph Alleine 1767 Engelska
3 The character of a sound confirmed Christian - as also 2. of a weak Christian, and 3. of a seeming Christian Richard Baxter 1669 Engelska
4 The Christians converse with God, or, The insufficiency and uncertainty of human friendship and the improvement of solitude in converse with God - with some of the author's breathings after him Richard Baxter 1693 Engelska
5 A friendly accomodation in the fore-debated controversie between Mr. Bedford and the author. - wherein is manifested that the differences, are few and small; and those continued with mutual respect and love Richard Baxter Printed, anno dom. 1652 Engelska
6 More reasons for the Christian religion and no reason against it, or, A second appendix to the Reasons of the Christian religion - being I. an answer to a letter from an unknown person charging the Holy Scriptures with contradictions, II. some animadversions on a tractate De Veritate, written by ... Edward Herbert, Baron of Cherbury Richard Baxter 1672 Engelska
7 Præfestinantis morator, or, Mr. Tombs his præcursor, - staid, examined, and proved not to be from Heaven, but of men Richard Baxter Printed in the year, 1652 Engelska
8 A sermon of iudgement, - preached at Pauls before the honourable lord maior and aldermen of the city of London, Decemb. 17. 1654. And now enlarged Richard Baxter 1656 Engelska
9 Three treatises tending to awaken secure sinners Richard Baxter 1656 Engelska
10 Two treatises - the first of death, on I Cor. 15:26, the second of judgment on 2 Cor. 5:10, 11 Richard Baxter 1672 Engelska
11 Two treatises tending to awaken secure sinners - viz., 1. The terror of the day of judgment, from 2 Cor. 5. 10, 2. The danger of slighting Christ and his Gospel, from Matth. 22. 5 Richard Baxter 1696 Engelska
12 The vain religion of the formal hypocrite, and the mischief of an unbridled tongue (as against religion, rulers, or dissenters) - described, in several sermons, preached at the Abby in Westminster, before many members of the Honourable House of Commons, 1660 and The fools prosperity, the occasion of his destruction : a sermon preached at Covent-Garden Richard Baxter 1660 Engelska
13 Invisibles, realities, demonstrated in the holy life and triumphant death of Mr. John Janeway fellow of Kings Colledge in Cambridge. - By James Janeway, Minister of the Gospel James Janeway 1703 Engelska
14 The way to true happiness - in a serious treatise Joseph Alleine 1678 Engelska
15 The life & death of Mr. Joseph Alleine, late teacher of the church at Taunton, in Somersetshire, assistant to Mr. Newton - whereunto are annexed diverse Christian letters of his, full of spiritual instructions tending to the promoting of the power of Godliness, both in persons and families, and his funeral sermon, preached by Mr. Newton Theodosia. Alleine 1672 Engelska
16 The life & death of that excellent minister of Christ Mr. Joseph Allein, late teacher of the church of Taunton in Somerset-shire, assistant to Mr. Newton Theodosia. Alleine 1677 Engelska
17 A discourse of the nature, ends, and difference of the two covenants - evincing in special, that faith as justifying, is not opposed to works of evangelical obedience : with an appendix of the nature and difference of saving and ineffectual faith, and the William Allen 1673 Engelska
18 Evangelium armatum, A specimen, or short collection of several doctrines and positions destructive to our government, both civil and ecclesiastical - preached and vented by the known leaders and abetters of the pretended reformation such as Mr. Calamy, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Case, Mr. Baxter, Mr. Caryll, Mr. Marshall, and others, &c William Assheton 1663 Engelska
19 Christian concord, or, The agreement of the Associated Pastors and Churches of Worcestershire - with Rich. Baxter's explication and defence of it, and his exhortation to unity Associated Ministers of Worcester-shire 1653 Engelska
20 The judgment and advice of the Assembly of the Associated Ministers of VVorcester-shire held at Worcester, Aug. 6th 1658 - concerning the endeavours of ecclesiasticall peace, and the waies and meanes of Christian unity, which Mr. John Durey doth present, sent unto him in the name, and by the appointment of the aforesaid Assembly Associated Ministers of Worcester-shire 1658 Engelska

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