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Titel Författare År Språk
1 A letter from the Lord. Gen. Monck, to Major General Overton. - together with Maior Gen. Overtons answer thereunto George Monck Albemarle, Duke of 1660 Engelska
2 The declaration of the officers of the garrison of Hull. - in order to the peace and settlement of the Kingdome. Presented to his Excellency the Lord Generall, and the Generall Councell. Also a petition, presented to the Parliament of England, by the officers and souldiers of his Excellency the Lords Generalls Regiment of Horse, for the speedy calling of all publicke treasurers to an acompt, and for the speedy taking away of that heavy burden of free-quarter. With the result of the Generall Councell upon the same. By the appointment of the officers at a general meeting, Signed, Jo. Hemingway England and Wales 1649 Engelska
3 The humble remonstrance and resolves of Col. Overtons regiment in his Excellencies garrison of Hull; England and Wales 1649 Engelska
4 Der Zink - Geschichte, Bauweise und Spieltechnik eines historischen Musikinstruments Friend Robert Overton cop. 1981 Tyska
5 The humble and healing advice of Colonel Robert Overton, Governour of Hull, to Charles Lord Fleetwood, and General Monck, and all other inferiour officers of both armies in England and Scotland Robert Overton 1659 Engelska
6 A letter from Ma. Gen. Overton, Governour of Hull, and the officers under his command - Directed for the Honourable Leiut. sic General Fleetwood, to be communicated to the council of officers of the Army Robert Overton 1659 Engelska
7 Man wholly mortal, or, A treatise wherein 'tis proved, both theologically and philosophically, that as whole man sinned, so whole man died .. - with doubts and objections answered and resolved, both by Scripture and reason ... : also, divers other mysteries, as of heaven, hell, the extent of the resurrection, the new-creation, &c. opened, and presented to the trial of better judgment Richard Overton 1675 Engelska
8 More hearts and hands appearing for the work. - Being two letters, the one sent from Collonel Robert Overton, Governour of Hull, to his Excellency the Lord Generall Cromwel. The other from him, and the officers of the said garrison, to the Councel of Officers, sitting at White-Hall. Wherein their reall and large affection is declared toward the Armies happy proceeding; shewing withall, the justnesse of it, and their readinesse to serve them, and the Common-wealth, in prosecuting so good a work, to their utmost power. With, a modest and humble desire, that just and good things may be done Robert Overton 1653 Engelska
9 Two letters from Major General Overton, - (directed to a friend) The one from Aberdeen, dated the 26. Decemb. 1654. The other from the Tower of London (the place of his confinement) dated Janu. 17. 1654. Tending to his vindication from many unjust aspersions cast upon him by the pamphleteers, and others; and for more generall and requisite information Robert Overton 1655. Engelska


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