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1 A psalm of thanksgiving to be sung by the children of Christ's-Hospital - on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Easter-Week, according to antient custom, for their founders and benefactors, 1706. Composed by Mr Barrett, ... The words by S. C. A.M England) Christ's Hospital (London 1706 Engelska
2 Bersaba, or, The love of David - a poem Samuel Cobb 1695 Engelska
3 The carpenter of Oxford - or, the miller's tale, from Chaucer. Attempted in modern English, by Samuel Cobb. M.A. ... To which are added, two imitations of Chaucer, I. Susannah and the two elders. II. Earl Robert's mice. By Matthew Prior, Esq Samuel Cobb 1712 Engelska
4 Clavis Virgiliana - or new observations upon the works of Virgil. By Samuel Cobb Samuel Cobb 1714 Engelska
5-6 Discourse on Criticism and of Poetry From Poems On Several Occasions (1707) - With an introd. by Louis I. Bredvold (flera utgåvor) Samuel Cobb 2004 Engelska
7-8 The female reign - an ode, alluding to Horace, B.4. Od. 14. ... Attempted in the style of Pindar. Occasion'd by the wonderful successes of the arms of Her Majesty and her allies. With a letter to a gentleman in the university. By Samuel Cobb, M.A (flera utgåvor) Samuel Cobb 1709 Engelska
9 Honour retriev'd. A poem - Occasion'd by the late victories obtain'd over the French and Bavarians by the forces of the allies, ... By Samuel Cobb, M.A Samuel Cobb 1705 1704 Engelska
10 News from both universities - Containing, I. Mr. Cobb's tripos speech at Cambridge, with a complete key inserted. II. The brawny priest: or, the captivity of the nose. A poem Samuel Cobb 1714 Engelska
11 Pax redux - a pindarick ode on the return of His Majesty and the happy conclusion of the peace Samuel Cobb 1697 Engelska
12 A Pindarique ode, humbly offer'd to the ever-blessed memory of our late Gracious Sovereign Lady, Queen Mary Samuel Cobb 1694 Engelska
13 A Pindarique ode: humbly offer'd to the ever-blessed memory of our late Gracious Sovereign Lady, Queen Mary. Written by J.D. Gent Samuel Cobb 1695 Engelska
14 A poem on Prince Eugene Samuel Cobb 1712 Engelska
15-17 Poems on several occasions - With imitations from Horace, Ovid, Martial, ... To which is prefix'd a discourse on criticism, and the liberty of writing, by way of letter to a friend. By Samuel Cobb, M.A (flera utgåvor) Samuel Cobb 1710 Engelska
18 Poetæ Britannici - a poem satyrical and panegyrical Samuel Cobb MDCC 1700 Engelska
19 The Portugal expedition - To which is added, Dr. G-h's epigram on the same subject. By Mr. Cobb Samuel Cobb 1704 Engelska


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