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Titel Författare År Språk
1 The financial crisis and the regulation of finance c2011 Engelska
2 Macroeconomics - theory, evidence and policy A. J. (Anthony John) Westaway 1977 Engelska
3 Energy in Europe: issues and policies Thomas G. Weyman-Jones 1986 Engelska
4 Education in Africa - a study of West, South and Equatorial Africa African Education Commission 1922 Engelska
5 The Host in the Machine: Examining the Digital in the Social (Chandos Internet Series) Angela Thomas-Jones. 2010 Okänt
6 Culture and Identity : Life Stories for Counselors and Therapists Anita Jones Thomas uuuu-uuuu Okänt
7 Approaches to ethics - representative selections from classical times to the present 1977 Engelska
8 Thomas Jones, brewer, appellant. Anne Bennett, widow, and Michael Harborne, gent. executors of the last will of Thomas Bennett, Tanner; respondents. The respondents case. ... Anne. Bennett 1713 Engelska
9 Teach yourself Welsh John T. Bowen cop. 1960 Engelska
10 Cassell's book of birds Alfred Brehm 1869-1873? Engelska
11 Brenhinedd y Saesson; or, The Kings of the Saxons - BM Cotton MS. Cleopatra B v; and, the Black Book of Basingwerk : NLW MS. 7006 1971 Engelska
12 Brut y tywysogyon - Peniarth ms. 20, copïwyd a golygwyd gyda Rhagymadrodd gan Thomas Jones 1941 Kymriska
13 Brut y tywysogyon or the Chronicle of the princes - Peniarth MS. 20 version 2015 Engelska
14 Cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems - with 22 tables 1991 Engelska
15 Carolau a dyriau duwiol. Neu goreuon gwaith - y prydyddion goreu yng-hymru. Yr hŷn a argraphwŷd yn ofalus yn y flwŷddŷn, 1696 1696 Kymriska
16 Endocrine System Charles C. Capen 1983 Okänt
17 A booke of entries - containing perfect and approued presidents of counts, declarations, informations, pleints, inditements, barres, replications, reioynders, pleadings, processes, continuances, essoines, issues, defaults, departure in despite of the court, demurrers, trialls, iudgements, executions, and all other matters and proceedings (in effect) concerning the practique part of the laws of England, in actions reall, personall, and mixt, and in appeales; necessarie to be knowne, and of excellent vse for the moderne practise of the law, many of them contayning matters in law and points of great learning: and none of them euer imprinted heretofore. Collected and published for the common good and benefit of all the studious and learned professors of the laws of England Edward Coke, Sir anno Dom. 1614 Latin
18 Computer modeling of geologic surfaces and volumes 1992 Engelska
19 Current knowledge and future prospects for Molgramostim (GM-CSF) - proceedings of a satellite symposium at ECCO 6 1993 Engelska
20 A sure guide to life and glory for children - Or, The right way to heaven made easy: being a full reply to that grand enquiry, what shall we do to be saved. In a plain and familiar way by questions and answers, between the Most Revd. Father in God, Sir William Daws, lord arch bishop of York, and Thomas Jones a little parish boy. Taken in short-hand by Tim. Donnovan William Dawes, Sir In the year, 1722 Engelska

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