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1 The minister of God approved - A sermon preached at Arundel at the ordination of Mr. John Hovey, a few weeks before the death of the author. By the late Reverend Mr. Samuel Willard, Pastor of the church in Biddeford. To which is added, a funeral sermon occasioned by the much lamented death of the Reverend Mr. Willard, preached at Biddeford, a little after his decease. By William Thompson, A.M. Pastor of the church in Scarborough. With a preface to both, giving some account of the life and character of Mr. Willard. By the Reverend Mr. Prentice of Charlestown. One line from Hebrews Samuel Willard 1743 Engelska
2 Southern wealth and northern profits, as exhibited in statistical facts and official figures, showing the necessity of union to the future prosperity and welfare of the republic - Introd., bibliography and index by Flethcer M. Green Thomas Prentice Kettell 1965 Engelska
3 The vanity of zeal for fasts, without true judgment, mercy and compassions - A sermon preach'd at Charlestown, January 28. 1747,8. On a publick fast, after the destruction of the province court-house by fire. By Thomas Prentice, A.M. one of the pastors of the church there. Published by desire. Four lines of quotations Thomas Prentice 1748 Engelska
4 When the people, and the rulers among them, willingly offer themselves to a military expedition against their unrighteous enemies, and are successful therein, the Lord is to be praised, and they to be loved and honoured therefor - A sermon preached at Charlestown, on a general thanksgiving, July 18. 1745. For the reduction of Cape-Breton, by an army of New-England volunteers, under the command of the Honourable William Pepperrell, Esq; lieutenant-general and commander in chief. With the assistance of a British squadron, commanded by Peter Warren, Esq; and now published at the desire of a number of the hearers. By Thomas Prentice, A.M. and one of the pastors of the church in Charlestown. Nine lines of Scripture texts Thomas Prentice 1745 Engelska
5 Observations moral and religious, on the late terrible night of the earthquake - A sermon preached at the Thursday lecture, in Boston. January 1st. 1756. By Thomas Prentice, A.M. a Pastor of the church in Charlestown. Six lines of Scripture texts Thomas Prentice 1756 Engelska
6 The believer's triumph over death, and the grave - A sermon occasion'd by the decease of Mrs. Anna Cary, late consort of Mr. Richard Cary of Charlestown; and preached there (the Sabbath after) March 2, 1755. And now published at his desire. By Thomas Prentice, A.M. one of the pastors of the church there. Two lines of Scripture texts Thomas Prentice M,DCC,LV. 1755 Engelska
7 A sermon preached at the ordination of the Rev. Mr. Thomas Cary, - to the pastoral care of the First Church in Newbury-Port, May 11, 1768. By Edward Barnard, M.A. Pastor of the First Church in Haverhill. To which are annexed, the charge given on that occasion by the Rev. Mr. Wingate of Amesbury, and the right hand of fellowship, by the Rev. Mr. Prentice of Charlestown Edward Barnard MDCCLXVIII. 1768 Engelska


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