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1-3 The sincere convert - Discovering the small number of true beleevers, and the great difficulty of saving conversion. Wherein is excellently and plainly opened these choice and divine principles: viz. 1. That there is a God, and this God is most glorious. 2. That God made man in a blessed estate. 3. Mans misery by his fall. 4. Christ the only Redeemer by price. 5. That few are saved, and that with difficulty. 6. That mans perdition is of himself. Whereto is now added the Saints jewel, shewing how to apply the promise; and the Souls invitation unto Jesus Christ. By Tho. Shepard, sometimes of Emanuel Colledge in Cambridge (flera utgåvor) Thomas Shepard 1680 Engelska
4 A defence of the answer made unto the nine questions or positions sent from New-England, against the reply thereto by that reverend servant of Christ, Mr. John Ball, entituled, A tryall of the new church-way in New-England and in old - wherin, beside a more full opening of sundry particulars concerning liturgies, power of the keys, matter of the visible church, &c., is more largely handled that controversie concerning the catholick, visible church : tending to cleare up the old-way of Christ in New-England churches John Allin 1648 Engelska
5-6 The day-breaking, if not the sun-rising of the Gospell with the Indians in New-England (flera utgåvor) 1647 Engelska
7-8 Penitential cries, in thirty two hymns - Begun by the author of the Songs of praise and Midnight cry; and carried on by another hand. Licensed Sept. 12th. 1693 (flera utgåvor) John Mason 1696 Engelska
9 Massachusetts, or, The first planters of New-England - the end and manner of their coming thither, and abode there: in several epistles 1696 Engelska
10 Methods for detection of environmental agents that produce congenital defects - proceedings of the Guadeloupe Conference 1975 Engelska
11 The unconquerable, all-conquering, & more-then-conquering souldier, or, The successful warre which a believer wageth with the enemies of his soul - as also, the absolute and unparalleld victory that he obtains finally over them through the love of God in Jesus Christ : as it was discussed in a sermon preached at Boston in New-England, on the day of the artillery-election there, June 3d., 1692 Urian Oakes 1674 Engelska
12-13 Certain select cases resolved - Specially, tending to the right ordering of the heart, that we may comfortably walke with God in our general and particular callings. Sent over from New-England in a letter, to a precious friend here (flera utgåvor) Thomas Shepard 1650 Engelska
14 Some select cases resolved - Specially, tending to the right ordering of the heart, that we may comfortably walk with God in our general and particular callings: &c. In a letter to a pious friend in England. By Thomas Shepard, M.A. Formerly of Emmanuel-College in Cambridge in England: afterward Minister of Cambridge in New-England. Corrected by four several editions Thomas Shepard 1747 Engelska
15 Certain select cases resolved, specially, tending to the right ordering of the heart - that we may comfortably walk with God in our generall and particular callings Thomas Shepard 1655 Engelska
16-17 The Change Of The Sabbath - wherein the true grounds of the change of the day are plainly opened : sundry Scriptures also (usually alledged) for this change are more fully cleared and vindicated from what Mr. Brabourne and Mr. Primrose have alledged against the same : the second part (flera utgåvor) Thomas Shepard 2000 Engelska
18 The church-membership of children, and their right to baptisme - according to that holy and everlasting covenant of God, established between Himself and the faithfull ... cleared up in a letter, sent unto a worthy friend of the author Thomas Shepard 1663 Engelska
19 The clear sun-shine of the gospel breaking forth upon the Indians in Nevv-England. Or, An historicall narration of Gods wonderfull workings upon sundry of the Indians, - both chief governors and common-people, in bringing them to a willing and desired submission to the ordinances of the gospel; and framing their hearts to an earnest inquirie after the knowledge of God the Father, and of Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world Thomas Shepard 1648 Engelska
20 The first principles of the oracles of God Thomas Shepard 1655 Engelska

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