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Titel Författare År Språk
1-2 Doubtful Robin; or, Constant Nanny. - A new ballad. Tune of, Wou'd you be a man of fashion, or, Doubting virgin (flera utgåvor) Tobias. Bowne between 1670-1696 Engelska
3-4 The doubting virgin, and the constant youngman. - Observe what here is put in print, all you that do love merriment; it's for young-men and maids also stay and hear't o're before you go. Tune of, The repriev'd captive, by Tobias Bowne (flera utgåvor) Tobias. Bowne between 1670-1696 Engelska
5-6 A fairing for young-men and maids. - If you'l take my advice, this I would have you do, then every young-man take his lass, and drink one pot or two. To the tune of, The Winchester wedding. This may be printed, R.P (flera utgåvor) Tobias. Bowne between 1670-1696 Engelska
7 The hasty wedding; or, William's patience rewarded. - with the consent of pretty Nancy. To the tune of, The man of fashion, or, The doubting virgin Tobias. Bowne between 1670-1696 Engelska
8 Kind William, or Constant Betty. - Let maids beware, and shun the snare, I say berul'd by me; though you embrace, be perfect chaste, from stains of infamy. To the tune of The doubting virgin Tobias. Bowne 1684 Engelska
9 Tobia's advice, or, A remedy for a ranting young-man. - VVhile you are single you take but little care, therefore I say better you married were, perhaps there's some at this will make a jest, but I say still a married life is best. Therefore young-men take this advice of me better take one than run to two or three. Tune of, Daniel Cooper Tobias. Bowne between 1670-1696 Engelska
10 Tobias observation; - a youngman came unto a fair, by chance he met his true love there said he, sweetheart thou are welcome here, invited her to drink some beer, but in the end prov'd ne'r the near, as in this song it will appear. Tune of, The country farmer Tobias. Bowne between 1685-1688 Engelska
11 Tobies experience explain'd. - Good fellows all, whatever you be, I pray take this advice of me: strength will decay old age will come, therefore save something while your yong sic To the tune of, That dill doul Tobias. Bowne between 1670-1696 Engelska
12 Tom and Rogers contract: or What Devon-farmers use to act. - Two farmers lately met in Devon-shire. And since it was within the month of May, and so by chance they drank a pot of beer; I will declare to you what they did say. : Tune of, Hey boys up go we Tobias. Bowne between 1672-1696 Engelska
13-15 The two faithful lovers. - To the tune of, Francklin is fled (flera utgåvor) Tobias. Bowne between 1663-1674 Engelska
16 The two faithful lovers, or, A merry song in praise of Betty. - Young-men and maids I do intend to sing a song that's newly pen'd; and if you please to have it out 'twill please your fancies without doubt Tobias. Bowne between 1681-1684 Engelska
17-18 The west-country maids advice; - Here is a song I send to you, fair maidens every one; and you may say that it is true, when I am dead and gone. To the tune of, Hey boys, up go we (flera utgåvor) Tobias. Bowne between 1670-1696 Engelska
19 Shall I? Shall I? No, no - ... tune of The doubting virgin 1684? Engelska


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