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81 A dissuasive from popery The first part Jeremy Taylor 1668 Engelska
82 Ductor dubitantium, or, The rule of conscience in all her general measures - serving as a great instrument for the determination of cases of conscience : in four books Jeremy Taylor 1696 Engelska
83-84 Eniautos - a course of sermons for all the Sundays of the year : fitted to the great necessities, and for the supplying the wants of preaching in many parts of the nation : together with A discourse of the divine institution, necessity, sacredness and separation of the office ministerial (flera utgåvor) Jeremy Taylor 1673 Engelska
85 Clerus Domini, or, A discourse of the divine institution, necessity, sacredness, and separation of the office ministerial, together with the nature and manner of its power and operation Jeremy Taylor 1668 Engelska
86 XXVII sermons preached at Golden Grove - being for the summer half-year beginning on Whitsunday and ending on the XXV Sunday after Trinity Jeremy Taylor 1668 Engelska
87 A funerall sermon preached at the obsequies of the Right Honourable and most vertuous Lady, the Lady Frances, Countesse of Carbery - who deceased October the 9th, 1650, at her house Golden-Grove in Carmarthen-shire Jeremy Taylor 1650 Engelska
88 The great exemplar of sanctity and holy life according to the Christian institution - described in the history of the life and death of the ever blessed Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world : with considerations and discourses upon the several parts of the story and prayers fitted to the several mysteries : in three parts Jeremy Taylor 1657 Engelska
89 Of the sacred order and offices of episcopacie by divine institution, apostolicall tradition and catholique practice - together with their titles of honour, secular employment, manner of election, delegation of their power and other appendant questions asserted against the Aerians and Acephali new and old Jeremy Taylor 1647 Engelska
90 B. Taylor's opuscula - The measures of friendship with additional tracts : to which is now added his Moral demonstration proving that the religion of Jesus Christ is from God : never before printed in this volume Jeremy Taylor 1678 Engelska
91 The rule and exercises of holy dying - in which are described the means and instruments of preparing ourselves and others respectively for a blessed death and the remedies against the evils and temtations proper to the state of sickness : together with praiers and acts of vertue to be used by sick and dying persons or by others standing in their attendance : to which are added rules for the visitation of the sick and offices proper for that ministery Jeremy Taylor 1668 Engelska
92 A sermon preached in Christs-Church, Dublin, July 16, 1663, at the funeral of the most Reverend Father in God John, late Lord Archbishop of Armagh and primate of all Ireland - with a succint narrative of his whole life Jeremy Taylor 1663 Engelska
93 A dissuasive from popery to the people of England and Ireland - together with II. additional letters to persons changed in their religion Jeremy Taylor MDCLXXXVI 1686 Engelska
94 The rule and exercises of holy living - in which are described the means and instruments of obtaining every vertue ... Together with prayers containing the whole duty of a Christian Jeremy Taylor MDCLXXX 1680 Engelska
95 A sermon preached at the opening of the Parliament of Ireland, May 8. 1661 - before the right honourable the Lords justices, and the Lords spiritual and temporal and the commons Jeremy Taylor 1661 Engelska
96 The worthy communicant, or, A discourse of the nature, effects, and blessings consequent to the worthy receiving of the Lords Supper - and of all the duties required ... together with the tales of conscience occurring in him that ministers ... to which is added a sermon Jeremy Taylor 1674 Engelska
97 The psalter of David - with titles and collects according to the matter of each psalm : whereunto are added Devotions for the help and assistance of all Christian people in all occasions and necessities Jeremy Taylor MDCLXXII 1672 Engelska
98 Antiquitates Christianæ, or, The history of the life and death of the Holy Jesus - as also the lives, acts and martyrdoms of his apostles, in two parts : the first part containing The life of Christ Jeremy Taylor MDCXCIV 1694 Engelska
99 A dissuasive from popery to the people of Ireland Jeremy Taylor 1664 Engelska
100 Rules and advices to the clergy of the diocesse of Down and Conner - for their department in their personal and publick capacities Jeremy Taylor 1663 Engelska

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