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101 Pro JavaScript for Web Apps Adam. Freeman 2012 Engelska
102 The new German doctor; or, An infallible cure for a scolding wife. - performed by this most excellent operator, the like was never known in all ages. To the tune of, Here I love, there I love; or, The English travellers. Licensed according to order between 1688-1692 Engelska
103 The delights of the bottle: or, The town-gallants declaration for women and wine. - Being a description of a town-bred gentleman, with all his intreagus, pleasure, company, humour, and conversations. Gallants, from faults he cannot be exempt, who doth a task so difficult attempt; I know I shall not hit your features right, 'tis hard to imitate in black and whight, some lines were drawn by a more skilful hand, and which they were you'l quickly understand, excuse me therefore if I do you wrong, I did but make a ballad of a song. To a most admirable new tune, every where much in request 1675 Engelska
104 Green Fashion - Volume 2 2016 Engelska
105 Colloquial Spanish 2 - the next step in language learning Untza Otaola. Alday 2004 Engelska
106 The maidens nay, or, I love not you - To a pleasant new tune 1685? Engelska
107 Tobia's advice, or, A remedy for a ranting young-man. - VVhile you are single you take but little care, therefore I say better you married were, perhaps there's some at this will make a jest, but I say still a married life is best. Therefore young-men take this advice of me better take one than run to two or three. Tune of, Daniel Cooper Tobias. Bowne between 1670-1696 Engelska
108 Between you & me - confessions of a comma queen Mary Norris 2015 Engelska
109 International English - a guide to varieties of English around the world Peter Trudgill 2017 Engelska
110 They Play, You Pay - Why Taxpayers Build Ballparks, Stadiums, and Arenas for Billionaire Owners and Millionaire Players James T. Bennett 2012 Engelska
111 The asse beaten for bawling; or, A replie from the city to the crie of the country Edmund. Cooper 1661 Engelska
112 Looke about you: or, A word in season to a divided nation. - Cavete ab Esauitis, take heed of the Iesuit. Abundans cautela non nocet. Never was yet a nation undone by too much caution 1647 Engelska
113 The 12 Magic Slides - Secrets for Raising Growth Capital Paul M. Getty 2014 Engelska
114 More vvorke for a Masse-priest Alexander Cooke 1621 Engelska
115 The Essence of Software Engineering 2018 Engelska
116 Profitable Growth - Release Internal Growth Brakes and Bring Your Company to the Next Level Guido. Quelle 2012 Engelska
117 Study of Double Parton Scattering in Photon + 3 Jets Final State - In Proton-Proton Collisions at √s = 7TeV with the CMS experiment at the LHC You-Hao. Chang 2017 Engelska
118 Chinese Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing Based on Naturally Annotated Big Data - 15th China National Conference, CCL 2016, and 4th International Symposium, NLP-NABD 2016, Yantai, China, October 15-16, 2016, Proceedings 2016 Engelska
119 Advances in Applied Biotechnology Vol. 2 - Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Applied Biotechnology (ICAB 2014) International Conference on Applied Biotechnology (ICAB) 2014 : Tianjin) 2015 Engelska
120 The fanaticks barber. Or, A new cut for non-conformists. - Being a true relation of the parson that was lately gelt at Chemsford in Essex, being taken in bed with another mans wife. Very proper to be sung in all corporations of this nation. All the town shan't save thee 1655? Engelska

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