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1 Select remains - of the Rev. John Mason, M.A. late Rector of Water-Stratford, in the county of Bucks, author of the songs of praise to Almighty God. Recommended by the Rev. Isaac Watts, D.D. With a preface, giving some account of the author John Mason 1799 Engelska
2 Astrophysics update c2004 Engelska
3 Empire and revolution electronic resource : the Americans in Mexico since the Civil War / John Mason Hart John M. 1935- (John Mason) Hart uuuu-uuuu Okänt
4 Empire and revolution - the Americans in Mexico since the Civil War John M. (John Mason) Hart c2002 Engelska
5 Serious considerations on the election of a president - addressed to the citizens of the United States William Linn 1800 Engelska
6 A funeral oration, delivered in the Brick Presbyterian Church in the city of New-York, on the 22d day of February, 1800 - being the day recommended by Congress to the citizens of the United States, publicly to testify their grief for the death of Gen. Washington: by appointment of a number of the clergy of New-York, and published at their request. By John M. Mason, A.M. Pastor of the Associate-Reformed Church in the city of New-York. Five lines in Latin from Virgil John M. (John Mitchell) Mason 1800. (Copy-right secured) Engelska
7 Hope for the heathen - a sermon, preached in the Old Presbyterian Church, before the New-York Missionary Society, at their annual meeting, November 7, 1797. By John M. Mason, A.M. Pastor of the Scots Presbyterian Church in the city of New-York John M. (John Mitchell) Mason --1797-- Engelska
8-9 Letters on frequent communion - By John Mason (flera utgåvor) John M. (John Mitchell) Mason 1798 Engelska
10 Mercy remembered in wrath - A sermon, the substance of which was preached on the 19th of February, 1795, observed throughout the United States as a day of thanksgiving and prayer. By John M. Mason, Pastor of the Scotch Presbyterian Church, in the city of New-York John M. (John Mitchell) Mason M,DCC,XCV. 1795 Engelska
11 A sermon, preached September 20th, 1793 - a day set apart, in the city of New-York, for public fasting, humiliation and prayer, on account of a malignant and mortal fever prevailing in the city of Philadelphia. By John Mitchel Mason, Minister of the Scotch Presbyterian Church in the city of New-York. Five lines of Scripture texts John M. (John Mitchell) Mason MDCCXCIII. 1793 Engelska
12 The voice of warning, to Christians, on the ensuing election of a president of the United States - One line of quotation John M. (John Mitchell) Mason 1800 Engelska
13 The New Stone Age in Northern Europe John M. (John Mason) 1851-1929 Author Tyler uuuu-uuuu Okänt
14 The whence and the whither of man; a brief history of his origin and development through conformity to environment; being the Morse lectures of 1895 John M. (John Mason) Tyler uuuu-uuuu Okänt
15 Fine double hyacinth and other curious flower roots, and seeds, imported chiefly from Holland, France, America, Italy, Botany Bay, &c Mason John Engelska
16 Broken voices - 'untouchable' women speak out Valerie Mason-John 2008 Engelska
17 Talking black - lesbians of African and Asian descent speak out 1995 Engelska
18 The American theatre, as seen by its critics 1752-1934 cop. 1934 Engelska
19 Astrophysics update 2 2006 Engelska
20 At-sea distribution and abundance of seabirds off southern California - a 20-year comparison cop. 2007 Engelska

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