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1 Mortality in workers in electromechanical and electronics production Robert Park 1986 Engelska
2 The afflicted souls preparation for death - The preparation of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue is from the Lord. Prov. the 16. and the I. verse. With loving exhortations to every true Christian to prepare their souls for the hour of death, also many good instructions to every good Christian to beware of false prophets. Written by Tho. Robins, B. of D. And licensed according to order Thomas Robins 1668 Engelska
3-4 The arraigning and indicting of Sir John Barley-Corn - a man of noble blood, and well beloved in England (flera utgåvor) Thomas. Robins 1680? Engelska
5 The arraigning and indicting of Sir John Barley-Corn, Kt. - A man of noble blood, and well-belov'd in England, and has been a great maintainer of all England, both rich and poor; yet now is found guilty of many sinful acts, and bloody crime, and therefore he is arraigned and condemned, and stands to the mercy of the jury: and if andy man has any thing to lay to his charge, let them appear at the sign of the Three Logger-heads, in Bacchus-Court, and there they shall be heard by the two noble judges, Oliver, and Old Nick, his holy father. Given under the hand and seals of these two above written, at the sign of the three merry Companions in Bedlam; that is to say, poor Robin, merry Tom, and Jack Lackwis. Newly composed by a well-wisher to Sir John, and all that love him. By poor Tom for their majesties, a lover of mirth but a hater of traytors and mischief. Thomas Robbins, the author Thomas Robins between ca. 1710 and 1725? Engelska
6 An inquiry into the validity of the bonds of the state of Mississippi - issued in behalf of the Union Bank of Mississippi, and means of payment Thomas E. Robins 1847 Engelska
7 Englands prayers to heaven for mercy - with very good instructions to all people in these dangerous times to call to the Lord for mercy in time, exhorting every Christian to take heed they be not deceived in these dangerous times Thomas. Robins 1657 Engelska
8-9 The lovers battle, - being a sore combat fought between Mars and Venus, at a place called Cunney Castle, under Belly-hill. Bold Mars like to a warrier stout great brags did make in field but Venus she gave him the rout. sic and forc't him for to yeild sic, then Mars drew out his rapier strong thinking to win the day but Venus charg'd him so sore he was glad he got away. The tune is, The chorals delight (flera utgåvor) Thomas Robins ca. 1676 Engelska
10-13 Mans chief guide to salvation - wherein is laid down many good instructions and motives to stir up every poor soul, that he may be able in these sinful days, to withstand Satans assaults. By Tho. Robins B. of D (flera utgåvor) Thomas Robins M DC LXIX. 1669 Engelska
14 The merry hoastess: or, A pretty new ditty, compos'd by an hoastess that lives in the city. - to wrong such an hoastess it were a great pitty, by reason she caused this pretty new ditty. To the tune of, Buff coat has no fellow Thomas Robins 1660? Engelska
15 News from Darby-shire. Or The wonder of all wonders - That ever yet was printed, being a perfect and true relation of the handy work of almighty God shown upon the body of one Martha Taylor now living about a mile or something more from Backwell in Darby shire, hard by a pasture commonly called Hadin pasture, this maid as it hath pleased the Lord, she hath fasted forty weeks and more, which may very well be called a wonder of all wonders, though most people which hear this may censure this to be some fable, yet if they please but to take the pains to read over the book, I hope that they will be better satisfied and have some faith to believe. This maid is still alive and hath a watch set over her by order of the Earl of Devon-shire. Written by me T. Robins. B. of D. a well wisher to the gospel of Iesus Christ. Oct.13.1668 Thomas Robins 1668 Engelska
16 Robin Hood and the beggar - Shewing; how Robin Hood and the beggar fought, and how he changed clothes with the beggar, and how he went a begging to Nottingham? and how he saved three brethren from being hang'd for stealing of deer. To the tune of, Robin Hood and the stranger Thomas Robins ca. 1660 Engelska
17 Robin Hood and the butcher - To the tune of, Robin Hood and the begger Thomas Robins 1660? Engelska
18 Robin Hoods garland. - Containing his merry exploits, and the several fights which he, Little John, and Will. Scarlet had, upon several occasions. Some of them never before printed. Entred according to order Thomas Robins 1675 Engelska
19 The scholars winter garment: or, The garment of righteousness - Wherein is declared the duty of every Christian both to God and man; being very necessary both for young and old to learn. With many good exhortations to every man, woman, and child to obey Gods holy will and commandement. Written by Tho. Robins, B. of D. a well-wisher to the Gospel of Jesus Christ Thomas Robins 1667 Engelska
20 The scornful maid, and the constant young-man. - With mocks and taunts she doth him jear, as in this ditty you may hear; yet no denyal he would have, but still her favour he did crave: yet at the last she granted love, and vowed she would constant prove; yet in this ditty you may find, it is money that doth a bargain bind. Tune of, Times changling I will never be: or, Sawny, or, A fig for France Thomas Robins 1685? Engelska

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